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GNUe Designer - AttributeError: GFDataSource.dispatch_designer_event

From: Randall Whitman
Subject: GNUe Designer - AttributeError: GFDataSource.dispatch_designer_event
Date: Mon, 09 May 2011 17:48:51 -0700

Current status of Designer  File > New > From-wizard > Simple  is,
after logging in and the dialog boxes for table and columns/fields,
it errors with
AttributeError: "'GFDataSource' object has no attribute 
on line 95 of gnue/designer/base/
It seems that we have a chicken-and-egg situation, where the
dispatch_designer_event attribute needed to handle the event,
is to be assigned within the event handler.

        self.registerEventListeners({  # ...
                           'ObjectCreated'       : self.__object_created_event,
    def __object_created_event (self, event):
    def __inventory (self, object):
        add_GObject_hooks(object, self)
def add_GObject_hooks(object, document):  #...
    object._dispatch_designer_event = document.dispatchEvent
    object.dispatch_designer_event = new.instancemethod(
                  _gobject_dispatch_event, object, object.__class__)

Can anyone lend any insights on what the intentions were,
or a suggestion of what to change?

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