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Re: GNUe Designer form elements display on multiple pages

From: Randall Whitman
Subject: Re: GNUe Designer form elements display on multiple pages
Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2011 16:45:35 -0700

At least for now, I made newly created objects display on only the one page,
by making a display widget conditional on matching the right page
(condition/filter).   bzr 971

Defer to later if we want to look into avoiding registering
extraneous event callbacks.

=== Status notes for GNUe Designer ===

 Q: What can do GNUe Designer do now?

 A: As of 2011-08, GNUe Designer can create a prototype form via form wizard,
    save the form to the new managed-layout XML file format (versus the prior
    character-position format), read in a saved form from file, and make
    changes to the form in the Property Inspector.

After File-Open, Designer marks the form changed/dirty ('*') although
the form is unchanged right after loading the file.
[relates to stopCachingEvents() in base/ causing makeDirty,
after we have already called makeClean.]

Attribute s:max_width is not saved in the GFD.

Property Inspector (Property Editor):
  Need immediate display of new value (some redisplay on paint, some not).
  Currently text writein input only, no dropdown, etc.
  String "None" when no value (python None) may be undesirable.

User-interaction events such as dragging to rearrange or resize entries,
do not work currently.
(User-interaction events will have somewhat different meaning with
managed layout than with character positioning: when moving an element by
dragging, it is meaningful to change the order of entries, but not to move
an entry to an x,y coordinate.)

Double-click on page name name in tab/header in canvas/layout,
does not allow editing the page name, and does not select the page object
in the Object Navigator (contrast with clicking an Entry widget).

Title of form does not display in Designer - aside from inside the Property
Inspector (& that only when the form object is selected in Object Navigator).

Entries in Vbox do not align, in contrast with Forms.

When a table has columns with camelCaseNames, Designer form wizard
generates Initcapstring labels - better to preserve inner capitals.

If after opening initial window, immediate new-wizard or open file,
leaves a spurious window with unchanged empty document.

PageWidget has a hard-coded height and width currently,
and does not scroll the form.

Run-form button - fatal error.
File-open-recent menu-item - fatal error.

Upon log in during wizard, the other document is brought to front of all
windows, which can cover the wizard window - confusing.

While some effort and been made to check user errors and ensure valid GFD is
generated, there may be other errors not caught nor prevented by the wizard
(have not done comprehensive review).

The startup splash image (designer/images/splash.png) - currently not used -
says "version 0.5", an old copyright year, and previous version of GPL.

Expect errors in other features that I have not tested.

Support for character-position GFD file is removed, assuming it is no
longer needed (PagePainter/skins/

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