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Re: Updated Module Guide

From: Reinhard Müller
Subject: Re: Updated Module Guide
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 11:49:24 +0200

Neil Tiffin wrote:
> The GNUe Module Guide in cvs has been updated. It is also available at:
> and other formats at;
> Added coding standards (from Reinhard) for GCD files, corrected lots
> of sgml syntax, and updated the Business Objects Chapter with
> Reinhard's comments and corrections.

Thank you, Neil!

I would like to add that the ModuleGuide, especially the coding
standards, are still _proposals_ and that we would like comments from
other people, especially from future module writers :)

Reinhard Müller
BYTEWISE Software GmbH
A-6890 Lustenau, Enga 2

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