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Henry's Linux Journal article

From: Henry Keultjes
Subject: Henry's Linux Journal article
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 21:29:57 -0400

Here is the link to the "Perfect Pair - PowerPC and Linux" article.  I
like to encourage each of you to pass this messaging on so the word gets
out and thus the LinuxPC has a chance to become reality.

Henry Keultjes
MD-Linux Scientific
Mansfield Ohio USA
Voice 419-525-1111
Home 419-756-0527

Back in the December Linux Journal, Linley Gwennap wrote about the
potential for a One World, One Processor situation with Intel in
charge.  Henry Keultjes hopes a soon-to-arrive PowerPC-based LinuxPC can
change all of that, and he makes his case in this article.


While the e-mail address at the end of the article is correct, the one
at the head of the article should be .net, not .com.

As is often the case with magazine articles, editors make space related
choices so some aspect of the issues have been left out.  If your
interest is piqued enough request the unabridged version direct from me.

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