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Marketing Techniques That Work!!! 69872

From: niklas547
Subject: Marketing Techniques That Work!!! 69872
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 10:39:29 -0700

Commercial Email Gets Results!

  Interested in putting your product or service in front 
of millions?  To find out how READ ON.

  My name is Paul Willis and I am one of the few who 
have managed to make a very comfortable living marketing 
products on the Internet.  My methods and techniques have 
been quoted in magazines, radio talk shows, the Nov. 27th 
issue of the Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Post 
just to name a few. 

  I have marketed everything on the Internet from 
Personalized Baby Calendars to Information and have 
made money with everything.  Even the Wall Street Journal
referred to me as being crafty in my techniques that have 
out maneuvered the anti commerce radicals since 1995.  
I am one of the reasons these same radicals have failed 
to fulfill there dream of controlling Free Enterprise 
and making the Internet all there own.  

  We can put your product or service advertisement in 
front of millions of potential customers for a fraction 
of the cost you'll pay for TV or magazine advertisements
while, at the same time, reaching as many potential
customers as you want.


  By placing your ad over the Internet and directly into 
the mailboxes of consumers who, like you, have an Internet
e-mail address.  Almost every user of the Internet has an 
e-mail address and we can effectively reach as many of
those people as you want FAST and EFFECTIVELY.

  Every year the number of users increases tremendously
creating a huge market.  Why not become part of this
unlimited market by placing your personal ad in one of the
largest consumer databases?

  We are interested in doing business with you, however, we
DO NOT do pornography, chain letters, or schemes of any
kind.  Please call us with a legitimate product or service.

  Some of you may not be interested at all, and possibly
are agitated by our message.  We will respectfully remove
you from our list by request.  We are responsible
commercial e-mailers and don't want to bother those who 
are not interested.  We not only respect you, but also our
customers.  We do not want our customers spending their
advertising dollars on prospects that do not have any

(Remove instructions are at the end of this letter.)

  Below you will find basic mailing options we are offering
at this time.  Check out our SPECIALS! 

*Specials are only valid on orders placed thru 6/30/01

Call us at (661)-252-6028 to discuss which option best
meets your needs.  We do mailing for many customers, so if
you get our voice mail, please leave your Name, Phone
Number & the best time to reach you and we will return your
call promptly.

Commercial Email Gets Results!

**Check Out our May and June Specials!

Untargeted mailings:   

100,000 e-mails for US$100.00

250,000 e-mails for US$285.00   **Special 210.00

500,000 e-mails for US$480.00   **Special $375.00  
1Million e-mails for US$900.00    **Special $599.00   

Targeted Mailings:

We can supply virtually any target: 
City, State, Zip Code, Business Opportunities, 
Network Marketing, Specific Industries...You name it!
All Targeted Mailings must be ordered 48hrs to 72hrs 
prior to Mailing Date.

Call For Target & Quantity Qoute! (661) 252-6028


To be deleted from our mailing list please send a email
to address@hidden and we will 
automatically take you off our list.

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