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GNU Enterprise Application Server (GEAS) 0.0.5 released

From: GNU Enterprise team
Subject: GNU Enterprise Application Server (GEAS) 0.0.5 released
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001 11:52:02 +0200
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The GNU Enterprise team is proud to announce the release of the GNU
Enterprise Application Server (GEAS) version 0.0.5.

GEAS lets you define arbitrary persistent business objects and associate
business rules with objects. It communicates with GNUe Forms via a CORBA
interface and manages saving the data in a MySQL or PostgreSQL SQL

Changes in version 0.0.5 include:

    * General code cleanup

    * Profiling support and improved performance

    * Support for recursive processing of GNUe Class Definition (GCD)
      files in the server and in the gcdverifier tool, you can now have
      a tree of GCD files

    * Enhancements and bug fixes to the GCD parser

You can download GEAS 0.0.5 from

This version of GEAS is a stable proof of concept version and is
being used for special client projects at several firms. Please be
aware that it's only the application server, and you have to define
the business objects yourself (of course a few samples come in the
tarball :) ).

Please file any bug reports at

The GNU Enterprise Team

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