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RE: Forms definition again - high-resolution capability requirements

From: Robert Jenkins
Subject: RE: Forms definition again - high-resolution capability requirements
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 20:01:47 +0100

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the info;
OK on the resolution capabilities, I was on the wrong track with that -
my apologies.

Part of my problem is that while we use Linux for servers, our customers
still need MS Windows based desktop systems, so that's what the client
side has to be, and the windows version of Designer is not all that
brilliant at the moment.

I downloaded the 0.4.0 setup package as soon as it came out - and it
did'nt run.

I asked a couple of times how to get it running on the list, and did not
get a useful answer. (I got a reference to the alternate setup package,
but the site it's on is simply not accessible from here).

I ended up installing the source, but after again spending some time
(hours?) trying to get Designer to do something useful I came to the
conclusion it would be quicker to cobble something together myself.

Saying that, though, as you say 'Forms' can work in higher resolutions -
and if it can provide field-by-field access level control for users -
then I may switch my efforts to concentrating on the Designer side of my
project & see if Forms will work as the actual client. I would be
delighted if it will!

Robert Jenkins,
JRW Developments.

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