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Re: cross tables in reports?

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: cross tables in reports?
Date: 02 Nov 2002 15:52:39 -0700

On Sat, 2002-11-02 at 03:47, Stanley A. Klein wrote:
> BTW, there appears to be work ongoing on GUI interfaces for R, but it
> doesn't seem to be very far along.  It might be nice to let the R folks
> know that GNUe might be a good candidate for that.

I still think A+ is the best for this.  A+ team could create an generic
OLAP framework, much like Hyperion, Adaytum and the likes.  Then it
would just be another tool in the tool box.

To do general crosstab type of reports I dont think an additional
package is necessary.  The kind of financial 'cube' data that is
discussed that falls into realm of data warehousing, I think we need to
come at from an OLAP front.  If someone were to write an OLAP engine in
R great.  I think it is more likely that someone will do so in A+.

In fact, recently someone actually posted code to the A+ list that was a
simple graphically OLAP package.  I use an OLAP package every day at
work that is written in a APL Dialect called DyAlog.  

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise

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