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Draft Security Framework Proposal document

From: Stanley A. Klein
Subject: Draft Security Framework Proposal document
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 11:44:21

I provided for posting, comment, and feedback my latest draft (0.3) of the
security framework proposal document.  It is about 28 pages in sxw format,
so I figured it would be better to send it in for posting and notify the
list by a message.

The formatting, especially the styles, have been giving me a lot of
trouble.  I still need to do some cleanup in that regard, but the format
looks reasonably decent, and it doesn't look too crazy when saved as an
HTML document.  At least on my system.  :-)

The discussions have been great.  I needed to update the document several
times to incorporate issues that were raised.  :-)

Stan Klein

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