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[GNUe] Mandrake9.1

From: Peter Dabrowski
Subject: [GNUe] Mandrake9.1
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 19:36:10 +0800

I just installed Gnue tools on Mandrake9.1. It went surprisingly very smooth.  
It was just about installing right Mandrake9.1 RPMS  
Designer started on the fly. During installation of Forms I got some error I 
address@hidden GNUe-Forms-0.5.2]# ./ install  
running install  
checking mxDateTime library  
checking Python ncurses library (pyncurses) (currently not working)  
checking Python curses library (curses) (currently not working)  
checking wxPython library:  ok (  
Segmentation fault  
address@hidden GNUe-Forms-0.5.2]# gnue-forms  
Error: No Forms Definition File Specified.  
DB000: /usr/local/gnue/lib/python/gnue/forms/uidrivers/wx/ 
DeprecationWarning: Use Python's True instead  
DB000:   __wxApp = GFwxApp(0)  
address@hidden GNUe-Forms-0.5.2]#  
I've got little pop up with note:  
Unable to start GNUe Forms:  
No Forms Definition File Specified.  
I think that could be some configuration problem.  
I have litbit to study and play wit it for now. 
Have good day  
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