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Re: [GNUe] newbie questions (about GNUE Forms snd Designer)

From: Adrian Maier
Subject: Re: [GNUe] newbie questions (about GNUE Forms snd Designer)
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 09:54:22 +0200
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I was wondering if anyone has read my mail, because i
haven't received any answer.

Adrian Maier

Adrian Maier wrote:

I have recently tryed GNUe Tools 0.5.2 (on windows), as well as the nightly snapshot of 30.12.2003 (on linux). As i have come across
some problems, I am hoping to find some answers.

I have tried to create a very simple form, using Designer's wizard.

1. There are many python modules for accesing PostgreSQL databases
(popy,psycopg,etc) . Which is the 'recommended' one?  I am asking this
because when using certain modules gnue Designer fails to get the list
of available tables or even fail to log on to the database. (Apparently,
the module which needs to be used depends on the postgresql version ? )

2. When running the newly created form, it doesn't accept any value for
the 'date' fields.  I mean, when i try to insert '01.12.2003', i can
insert only '01.1' (it doesn't accept any other keys in that field).
It behave exactly the same when i'm trying to type '01/12/2003'.

3. Currently, the ncurses version of gnue-forms is not functional. I've
read somewhere that it needs to be converted to use the curses module
that comes with python. Is anyone working on this ?
I am very interested in this feature and maybe i could like to work on
the curses UI - but right now i know nothing about the internals of

4. Would you recommend for me to create the gfd files 'by hand', or with
the Designer?

5. Do you consider GNUe Tools (especially Forms and Reports) mature enough to be used for real projects (or even for personal use)?

6. I haven't been able to run some of the samples. Please tell me if
all of them are functional. (sorry, i can't tell you right now what
were the errors).

Adrian Maier

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