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Re: [GNUe] Gnue Common & Appserver prerelease

From: Reinhard Mueller
Subject: Re: [GNUe] Gnue Common & Appserver prerelease
Date: 23 Feb 2004 11:37:55 +0100

Hi, Peter!

Am Fr, 2004-02-20 um 11.01 schrieb Peter Dabrowski:
> I just installed gnue-common & appserver prerelease (on mandrake9.2)  
> there was minor errors running  
> ERROR:  Type "datetime" does not exist 
> ERROR:  Relation "address_person" does not exist 
> ERROR:  Relation "address_person" does not exist 

As noted in my other mail, this problem should be fixed in -pre2, which
will be out this week.

> gnue-appserver is running without any problems I have to uncomment
> line 69 in gnue.conf 

I thought it should be possible to run appserver without giving rpctype
in gnue-common - the available rpc adapter should be determined
automatically. Jan?

> address@hidden examples]$ gnue-appserver 
> The file cannot be parsed. ConfigParser.ParsingError :: File contains parsing 
> errors: /usr/local/gnue/etc/gnue.conf 
>         [line 69]: 'xmlrpc\n' 

What exactly is line 69 in gnue.conf for you? Is it maybe an old version
of gnue.conf, from a previous install of gnue-common?

> Cannot run forms 
> address@hidden examples]$ gnue-forms sample.gfd 
> Traceback (most recent call last): 
>   File "/usr/local/bin/gnue-forms", line 26, in ? 
>     from  gnue.forms import GFClient 
>   File "/usr/local/gnue/lib/python/gnue/forms/", line 39, in ? 
>     from gnue.common.logic.GTrigger import TriggerRuntimeError 
> ImportError: cannot import name TriggerRuntimeError 

Did anyone do something about this error yet? Seems like there was a
change in common that broke compatibility.

> Cannot connect designer to db & appserver 
> address@hidden piotr]$ gnue-designer 
> Erm, I don't yet support pulldown toolbar buttons (RequestNewForm) 
> Erm, I don't yet support pulldown toolbar buttons (RequestOpen) 
> Erm, I don't yet support pulldown toolbar buttons (LayoutEditor:FocusOrder) 
> DB000: /usr/local/gnue/lib/python/gnue/common/utils/ 
> DeprecationWarning: Non-ASCII character '\xa0' 
> in file 
> /usr/local/gnue/lib/python/gnue/designer/forms/wizards/ on 
> line 399, but no encoding 
> declared; see for details 
> DB000:   mod = __import__(name) 

I think these messages don't indicate an error.

> Unable to connect to appserver 
> Unable to connect to gnue 

Did anybody do anything about this issue yet?

Peter: Thanks a lot for your bug reports.

Thank you,
Reinhard Mueller
GNU Enterprise project

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