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[GNUe] New Install Doc

From: James Thompson
Subject: [GNUe] New Install Doc
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 00:51:22 -0600 (CST)

> GNUe is not for SuSE for sure!

I hope this will help you change your mind :)

We had a couple of reports of issues with running on SuSE during the last
week.  There is now a complete step by step guide on installing and
testing GNUe Common, Forms, and Reports on SuSE 9.0 at

This install was done on a fresh SuSE install.  It required no packages
beyond what is available in the SuSE 9.0 network install.

I'd appreciate it if people that were having trouble installing on SuSE
would run through this document and see if it helps.  If you set up an
account on our wiki you will be able to edit this documentation and add
additional notes.

I've upgraded the PC at home so I now have space to install multiple OS
distros.  And I'm willing to provide similar guides for other distros as
long as they meet the following criteria.

  * I can get them at no cost
  * I can get them to install :)  (SuSE took 2 days before it finally
                                             made it through a complete
                                             network install)

I'm currently running Debian Sid, SuSE 9.0, Mandrake 10 Community, Fedora
Core 1 on this box.  I hope to have FreeBSD 4.9 running by the weekend.
If people are having trouble getting GNUe to install on any of these
please let me know so I will know which guide to create next.  If a distro
you are having trouble with isn't listed and meets the above criteria
please let me know and I'll try and work it in.

Since we have now moved this into a wiki it would be nice if people that
have successfully installed GNUe on non documented distros would be share
their experiences.  Either by adding an install guide similar to or based
off of this one, or by sending any notes they feel are important to the
list or myself directly.  Any assistance with this would be greatly
appreciated as it would free up more of my time to put into the Developers

Take Care,

James Thompson    138 Cardwell Hall  Manhattan, Ks   66506    785-532-0561
Kansas State University                          Department of Mathematics

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