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[GNUe] locale and non ascii chars

From: chafar
Subject: [GNUe] locale and non ascii chars
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 03:40:07 +0200
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Now that more important things are running, I can pay attention to
things like that. I'm not using snapshots, so may be this issue is
already solved or, if not, may be this helps.

I can't use non ascii characters at all in triggers code, even in
comments. I've remember a debug message saying somthing about locale,
and looked for the reason. It's the debug line, at GBaseApp that says:
'Unable to load locale information falling back...'

I've put some tracking messages in the code (excuses for long lines):

      # no need for LC_ALL on win2k and XP with this variant
      lang = [locale.getdefaultlocale()[0]]
      global catalog, textEncoding

>>>>  print '... looking for ' + locale.getdefaultlocale()[0] + ' translations 
>>>> in ' + + '/share/locale'

      catalog = 
      textEncoding = gConfig('textEncoding')

>>>>  print '...  0'

      if not catalog.charset():
        raise InvalidFormatError, "Translation file is badly formatted for 
unicode operation"

>>>>  print '...  1'

and obtained this:

... looking for es_ES translations in /usr/local/gnue/share/locale
... 0
DB001: [GBaseApp:298] Unable to load locale information falling back ...

In gnue.conf:



address@hidden:~/dev/gnue$ echo $LC_ALL

Is this relationed with crashes of gnue-forms when I use non ascii
characters inside triggers?

thans in advance.
Jos? Esteban
Granada - Spain

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