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[GNUe] help for novice

From: Tom Keating
Subject: [GNUe] help for novice
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 09:43:08 -0400


Let me start I am not a programmer.  I have become fairly proficient with
Paradox and ObjectPal over many years of use.  I could build the forms for a
front-end to a Firebird database using Paradox (I would have deal with
multiple users for the first time, and get more framiliar with the BDE than
I am).  With enough use of .dll's and some embedded sql I could probably get
it to work well enough.  I also recognize this does not fit my long term
needs.  I found Python and GNUe on the internet and it seems to meet my
needs, sortof.  That is I am not looking forward to coding the equivalent of
paradox forms from code.  Which brings me to where I am GNUe-designer.  I
have finally got it installed and connected to my firebird1.5 database.

I am not having much luck getting anything done with designer however.  I've
set up datasources, blocks and filled in field information they show up the
inspector, but I can't figure out how to see what it looks like.  I try
running the form designer I've tried saving all, but the file is 5 lines
long nothing else gets there.  I need something that better explains how
designer works - the manual example stops creating the block which is as far
as I am getting.  I am attaching to files the first is the python window and
everything that was reported in this attempt to create a form (300 lines)
"designer dump" and the zips.gfd created by the attempt.

Is there a reference for how to read the messages I'm getting in the python



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