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[GNUe] Executing forms

From: Adrian Maier
Subject: [GNUe] Executing forms
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 15:07:55 +0200


I have managed to write a few forms (thanks to the people who helped me
on irc! )  and I am about to go to the next phase :  calling the forms from
the application's menu.  The menu is currently a pascal program that
executes the forms by running the gnue-forms script.

This works fine, but it is slow.  So, I'm seeking ideas to execute the forms

Which of the following to you think it is more appropriate:
- create a form that only contains some buttons for calling the forms,
 reports, etc.
- link the python interpreter into the pascal program  and pray hoping
 that forms will load faster ,   with the assumption that most of the
 time is spent with loading the wx module and the interpreter.
- try gnue-navigator.  It seems easy to use, but it can only call forms,
 reports and executables . I need more than that.
- other possibilities?  ( a python+wx application  )

I am porting a text-mode application to GUI,  so i prefer to keep the menu
as a pascal program in order to minimize the work spent on converting code.

Adrian Maier

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