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[GNUe] Error in gnue-forms on windows

From: Amil Ganju
Subject: [GNUe] Error in gnue-forms on windows
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 13:56:04 +0530

I'm a newbie to GNUe just trying my hand at the documented examples for the gnue-appserver. I created a sample gcd file and ran gnue-readgcd on it. This created the table structure as expected.
The gcd file is as shown:

<module name="test" comment="Test Module">
    <class name="customer">
        <property name="firstName" type="string(20)" />
        <property name="lastName" type="string(20)" />
        <property name="contactTel" type="string(20)" />
        <property name="addressLines" type="string(50)" comment="Address upto and not including city" />
        <property name="city" type="string(20)" />
        <property name="state" type="string(20)" />
        <property name="country" type="string(20)" />

 Next I ran gnue-forms with the argument appserver://gnue/form/test_customer. I am getting an error dialog box with the following message:

SELECT gnue_name,gnue_id,gnue_module FROM gnue_class WHERE (UPPER(gnue_name) = %(p0)s) AND (UPPER(gnue_module.gnue_name) = %(p1)s)


I'm running GNUe on Windows XP, Python 2.4, MySQL. Could I get some help with this?

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