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Re: [gnugo-devel] reading connections

From: Tristan Cazenave
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] reading connections
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 12:18:03 +0200

> Could you send us a few sample positions which could be useful for
> testing the code (i.e. ones you think the code should be capable of
> handling while not being too trivial)?

I have some, but in my own format, however, I managed to implement
the gtp in Golois this week, so I will progressively transfer my
test bases to gtp.
Ok to start with connections.

> > The file is far from being complete (it is 1/10th of 
> > the corresponding file in Golois), but it can serve
> > as a starting point.
> What kind of added functionality does the remaining 90% provide? I can
> think of several possibilities, so I'm curious.

better move ordering, optimisations on tree search, some functions like
simple_connect_three_moves missing, capture functions... and some code
for non transitivity that needs improvements :)

> Dan wrote:
> > Perhaps for testing purposes we should start by adding
> > gtp functions that call recursive_connect and 
> > recursive_disconnect and test on some of our
> > existing connection examples.
> This is clearly something we should do. We also need to implement a
> --decide-connection option which allows us to get an sgf of the
> reading tree, just like --decide-string and --decide-dragon do. That
> helps understanding and (if necessary) debugging of the code
> tremendously.

So maybe, we could have tests like this for the gtp :

1 connect D8 D6
#? [1 (F8|E8)]
2 disconnect D8 D6
#? [1 E9]

calling functions that sends back the connection status and the
associated moves ?

Do you have a standard method to produce sgf trees from reading ?


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