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[gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.10

From: Daniel Bump
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.10
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 17:44:22 -0700

I've put up GNU Go 3.1.10 at:

The release tag is rel-3-1-10.

I split the tarball in two. You need both gnugo-3.1.10.tar.gz
and regression-3.1.10.tar.gz. This is so that gnugo-3.1.10.tar.gz
will still fit on a floppy.

The following patches are in. Gunnar's recent patch revising
the reorentation stuff will have to wait for 3.1.11.

Tristan's tests are in except that the wolf.tst isn't
and I took out one wolf test in vie.tst.

Take a look at regression/BREAKAGE. You will see that a
huge number of tests were added that are broken. I added
a lot in strategy4.tst and there are all of Tristan's

tristan_1_10.tar.gz. Tristan's tests ported from Golois.
teun_1_10.6. Portability patch. 
teun_1_10.5. Undoes some of the changes for the IS_COLOR macro. 
teun_1_10.4. IS_COLOR becomes IS_STONE. 
gunnar_1_10.3.gz. 1D stuff. 
fuseki19.db.gz. Man's Ullerstam revised.
teun_1_10.3. IS_COLOR macro. 
gtptime_1_10.1. Only the generalization of time_report was used.
gunnar_1_10.2.gz. Decide connection. 
inge_1_10.2. Makes owl data 1 dimensional.
trevor_reg_1_10.4. Updates the Trevor regression tools. 
gunnar_1_10.1.gz. Add additional attack/defense points in worm array. 
teun_1_10.2. Rotate the board within gtp (continued). 
cray.1. Cray Y/MP portability patch. 
trevor_1_10.2. Fixes a problem with gtp_dragon_data on some systems. 
revised readconnect.c. 
vcrepair_1_10.1.tar.gz. Clean compile with VC++. 
teun_1_10.1. Rotate the board within gtp. 
trevor_1_10.1. Brings trevor.tst up to date. 

- portability fix for MINGW. Don't include crtdbg.h
- rename connect to string_connect.
- all move reason handling is 1D
- owl goal and other date are 1D
- new and revised test cases
- bugfix in random.c
- revision of readconnect.c
- bugfix for Cygwin: gtp_dragon_data misreports invalid coordinate
- revision of trevor.tst
- bugfix in inv_rotate: use bs-1 instead of bs
- new gtp function orientation
- new gtp function query_orientation
- in gtp_mprintf use gtp_print_vertex for the %m format specifier.
- revision of,
- revision of engine/engine.dsp: remember readconnect.c
- make gtp_loadsgf reorient gamerecords
- make gtp_printvertices orient output points back
- new function count_common_libs() in board.c
- struct worm_data tracks all attack, defense, attack and defense threat points
- remove_attack_move() and remove_defense_move() removed
- attack_move_known(), defense_move_known(), attack_threat_move_known(),
  and defense_threat_move_known() moved from move_reasons.c to worm.c
- change_attack() and change_defense() moved from utils.c to worm.c
- new functions change_attack_threat() and change_defense_threat() in worm.c
- new function worm_reasons() in worm.c
- trace messages in worm.c changed to DEBUG_WORMS messages
- remove_opponent_attack_and_defense_moves() and
  do_remove_false_attack_and_defense_moves() removed from move_reasons.c
- NON_ATTACK_MOVE and NON_DEFEND_MOVE move reasons removed
- try a little harder to find attack threats
- attack.db and defense.db revised
- indirect_helper() removed from helpers.c
- tuning
- minor owl tuning
- new function have_common_lib() in board.c
- new option --decide-connection
- new function decideconnection() in sgfdecide.c
- bugfixes in board.c, sgfdecide.c, and main.c
- new IS_COLOR macro
- comments moved from regression/STRATEGY to strategy.tst
- time_report has a mintime parameter
- many new tests in strategy4.tst
- new regression/golois/*.sgf
- new connect.tst global.tst vie.tst wolf.tst

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