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[gnugo-devel] Re: New 9x9 fuseki database

From: Daniel Bump
Subject: [gnugo-devel] Re: New 9x9 fuseki database
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 08:32:10 -0700

Mans wrote:

> Here is a new 9x9 fuseki database. It is produced with higher requirements,
> but it still contains bad patterns. Please give me feedback about the size
> (about 850+450 = 1300), 850 non handicap and 450 handicap.

It still contains some strange patterns so I don't think I'll
put it in 3.1.11 but I think if we identify those and throw them
out it should be OK.

Patterns 7, 412 and 413 are examples of strange patterns.

The revised 9x9 database is currently available for download
at under
pending patches.

> Below is a few examples of the patterns generated. Please give me an idea of
> what these patterns can be used for. If any of you would like to use these
> type of patterns I can produce them in several different ways automatically.

I like these patterns. The main question is how to prevent
them from being matched if there is something urgent inside
the shaded areas. My previous suggestion was that these patterns
might be put in with value 25. This means if a J pattern is
matched anywhere on the board, they won't be used. But that
idea doesn't seem good, because there might be J patterns
matched even in the unshaded region.

We need to think about this point.

The patch to extract_fuseki was corrupted in the mail.
See how it looks at:

Could you resubmit it?


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