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[gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.11

From: Daniel Bump
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.11
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 14:45:37 -0700

I've put up GNU Go 3.1.11 at:

The CVS tag is rel-3-1-11.

There are two tarballs. In contrast with GNU Go 3.1.10 you don't
need them both. It should compile with only gnugo-3.1.11.tar.gz
but if you want to run the regressions you also need

teun_1_11.8. owl_rot is converted
teun_1_11.7. Ncurses, foiled again. 
inge_1_11.5. 1D stuff. 
inge_1_11.6. 1D stuff. 
teun_1_11.6. gg_cputime and configure tests. 
blunder_1_11.1. Corrects a mistake in a game with journeyman on NNGS. 
genmove_1_11.1. Run make_worms etc even if the file is not reloaded. 
gunnar_1_11.6. tuning, bugfixes, 1D revisions. 
inge_1_11.4. 1D aftermath. 
gunnar_1_11.6 Regression revision. 
teun_1_11.5. A few issues. 
gunnar_1_11.5. Fixes a crash. 
trevor_1_11.5. New regressions. 
teun_1_11.4. Adds a command line option to set the initial gtp orientation. 
inge_1_11.3. Gunnar's revision inge_1_11.2 making filllib and semeai 1D. 
trevor_1_11.4. Adds top move functionality to html view. 
tuning_1_11.1. A bit of tuning. 
teun_1_11.3. Adds an assertion that is triggered in life.tst.
gunnar_1_11.4. Mostly 1D revisions. 
gunnar_1_11.3. Temporary fix for top_moves. 
inge_1_11.1. More 1D stuff. 
gunnar_1_11.2. Some revisions of Tristan's tests. 
teun_1_11.2. Revision of gunnar_1_11.1 revising reorientation functionality.
trevor_1_11.3. Allows dragon_stones can take color parameter. 
trevor_mingw32_1_11.2. Portability fix. 
teun_1_11.1. Bugfix: array bound violation. 
trevor_1_11.1. upgrade and so forth. 

- tuning
- owl tuning
- eye tuning
- new function owl_proper_eye() and autohelper with the same name
- valuation of uncertain owl defense moves revised
- evaluate_diagonal_intersection() revised
- new pattern class b in owl_defendpats.db
- handling of same_dragon field in struct owl_data revised
- do_atari_atari() revised
- bugfixes in make_worms()
- 1D revisions all over the engine
- new debug flag DEBUG_READING_CACHE
- same_dragon() renamed is_same_dragon()
- new gtp commands start_sgftrace and finish_sgftrace
- new and revised regression tests
- new gtp command top_moves
- bugfix in draw_back
- Add ON_BOARD1 assertions in liberty_of_string and neighbour_of_string
- Use Win32 API to get CPU time usage for all Win32 builds, not just VC
- Added a few scattered regression comments
- Updated to latest ever evolving version.
- Adds several test cases and SGF files to trevor.tst & games/trevor/
- reorientation code moved from gtp.c to play_gtp.c
- owl_rot.tst uses reorientation code
- fixed sscanf problem in (worm|dragon)_(stones|data)
- allow dragon_stones to take color parameter, as well as coord.
- revisions to capture.tst and vie.tst
- further 1D revision in dragon.c
- top_move functionality added to
- filllib.c and semeai.c made 1-dimensional
- new gg_cputime in gg_utils.c
- improved configuration for ncurses/{term,curses}.h
- new and improved tests


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