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[gnugo-devel] Re: GnuGo/Jago questions

From: Gian-Carlo Pascutto
Subject: [gnugo-devel] Re: GnuGo/Jago questions
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 18:06:52 +0200 (MEST)

On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Rene Grothmann wrote:

> I got this mail forwarded to me
> Never saw this bug. Could be a problem with undo and the GMP.

I do not think so. I never took back moves (I don't think that
works with plain GnuGo).

> However, I cannot reproduce it. Actually, I think it would be unwise
> to program around the bug and test for double moves. Rather I would like
> to hunt it down.

I have attached another file with the same problem.


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