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[gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.13

From: Daniel Bump
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.13
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 21:45:49 -0800

I've put up GNU Go 3.1.13 at:

The release tag is rel-3-1-13.

This includes the following patches:

gunnar_1_13.3. Changes counting of territorial value. 
trevor_1_13.7. mkpat, twogtp and doc revision. 
trevor_1_13.6. Tuning and mkpat error handling. 
Tristan's comments in readconnect.c. 
teun_1_13.3. Snapback in readconnect.c. 
trevor_1_13.5. Tuning part won't be used unmodified. 
trevor_1_13.4. Adds CPU time to display; adds CMD line hint. 
teun_1_13.2. Reorientation for decide-dragon and decide-worm. 
trevor_1_13.3. Tuning and regression revisions. Added with modifications. 
gunnar_1_13.1. Tuning and bugfix. 
trevor_1_13.2. Adds a test. 
trevor_1_13.1. Owl tuning and test revision. 
bugfix_1_13.1. Can prevent GNU Go from making an illegal move. 
teun_1_13.1. Test with a bad bug. 

- new function are_neighbor_dragons()
- verbose value reduced while running owl_reasons
- influence code revised
- function find_stones_saved_by_move() in move_reasons.c removed
- find_more_owl_attack_and_defense_moves() revised
- owl attacks induce strategical defenses of friendly neighbors
- connection values revised
- territorial value of attacks, defenses, owl attacks, and owl
  defenses computed through influence function, not effective_size
- bugfix in computing effects of min and max territory values
- played stone not automatically in goal array in owl_does_defend(), 
  owl_confirm_safety(), and owl_connection_defends()
- gtp commands debug_influence, debug_move_influence, move_influence removed
- cleanup in mkpat.c
- malformed line warning turned into error in mkpat
- 1D documentation revisions.
- twogtp-a now give a (halfhearted) default to missing goprog.
- twogtp-a works for VC builds now.
- mkpat.c generates more useful errors.
- mkpat.c forces output to have compile error if input also had errors.
- comments in readconnect.c
- snapback only looks at one liberty in readconnect.c
- do_atari_atari confirms the *defense_point is safe before returning
- atari_atari_confirm_safety initializes defense_point
- trivial bugfix in move_reasons.c
- important bugfix in semeai.c, could cause a crash
- tuning
- owl tuning
- influence tuning
- gtp_set_boardsize resets the engine and stack
- new and revised regression tests
- new command-line option --orientation
- -l and decide-* options can be combined with --orientation
- tuning and regression revisions
- regress.plx revisions: total line, time display, command line hint


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