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[gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.14

From: Daniel Bump
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.14
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 22:09:26 -0800

I've put up GNU Go 3.1.14 at:

The CVS tag is rel-3-1-14.

This includes the following patches, available at:

trevor_1_14.7. records sgf traces for owl tests. 
owl_1_14.1. Removes and modifies some owl patterns. 
teun_1_14.7. Configure removes patterns/*.c files to force dfa build. 
arend_1_14.11. Add F class to joseki patterns. 
arend_1_14.12. Doc revision. 
arend_1_14.10. Values for j and t patterns not hardwired during fuseki. 
owlsgf_1_14.1. Allows creation of an sgf file during the owl reading.
trevor_1_14.5.tar.gz. Owl tuning and more. 
arend_1_14.8. Corrects sgf output files claiming wrongly that GNU Go played W. 
gunnar_1_14.9. Major revision of eyes.db. 
teun_1_14.6. Fixes an array bounds violation. 
tanguy-1.14.2. Fixes dfa not being built sometimes. 
gunnar_1_14.8. Eye graph consistency testing. 
irisa_1_14.1. Revised gtp_undo. 
teun_1_14.5. Only the connect.tst portion was used. 
safety_1_14.1. Bugfix in update_status() 
trevor_1_14.4. More mkpat warnings. 
tanguy-1.13.1. Avoid a crash when genmove called with stackp>0. 
comments_1_14.1. Comment revision. 
trevor_1_14.3. regress.plx revision. 
gunnar_1_14.7. Influence code revision and tuning. 
arend_1_14.5. Corrects two tests in arend.tst. 
arend_1_14.4. Supercedes arend_1_14.2. 
color_1_14.1. --color option can override genmove's default color. 
inge_1_14.2. Bugfix in genmove_conservative. 
gunnar_1_14.6. New test cases. 
arend_tst.tar.gz. New tests. 
inge_1_14.1. Moves atari_atari and other changes. 
gunnar_1_14.5. Influence and move valuation revisions. 
teun_1_14.3. Remove DFA_ENABLED. 
teun_1_14.4. A few more changees to's. 
gunnar_1_14.4. Tuning. 
gunnar_1_14.3. Eye tuning. 
arend_1_14.1. Test revision. 
trevor_1_14.2. Removes stupid patterns. 
teun_1_14.2. Removes DFA ifdefs. 
matchpat_1_14.1. Renames global_matchpat to matchpat. 
gunnar_1_14.2. Regression patch. 
gunnar_1_14.1. Bugfix. 
teun_1_14.1. Rot revision. 
trevor_1_14.1a. Supercedes trevor_1_14.1. 

- recognize_eye() revised
- new function test_eyeshape() in optics.c
- new gtp command test_eyeshape
- vital and num_vital fields removed from struct eye_graph
- mkeyes.c revised
- non-territory patterns introduced in the influence code
- revised formula for addition of followup_value
- better trace output for followup_value and reverse_followup_value
- typo fixed (whose_moyo for whose_area) in value_territory()
- new debug flag DEBUG_TERRITORY
- delta computation of territory, moyo, and area in influence.c restructured 
- influence_value part of move valuation removed
- new function is_edge_vertex() in board.c
- guess_eye_space() revised
- compute_eyes_pessimistic revised
- do_owl_defend() revised
- move stupid vital marginals from first to second line in owl_determine_life()
- patterns.dsp doesn't reference invalid file
- deals with threads better on Win32
- regress.plx supports view by category
- updated
- add file & line numbers to more warnings in mkpat.c
- comments in reading.c made 1D
- DFA_ENABLE ifdefs removed
- remove *.dfa stuff from makefiles keeping only DFA_FLAGS for mkpat.
- configure --enable-dfa touches .db files.
- bugfix in find_double_threats()
- global_matchpat() renamed matchpat()
- regression view includes node counts, SGF link, and -t output.
- GTP echo_err added to allow echoing to STDERR.
- atari_atari moved to combination.c
- restricted_defend1 and restricted attack2 now public functions
- in find_double_threats, make threat reasons into attack_either reasons
- old disabled function remove_move_reason() now enabled
- some simple cleaning
- genmove now 1D
- out of bounds array violation in showbord.c fixed.
- records sgf trace for owl_attack & owl_defend.
- regress.plx provides access to sgf trace files if present.
- tuning
- connection tuning
- eye tuning
- owl tuning
- influence tuning
- revision of rot tests
- ld_owl_life.tst removed
- new and revised regression tests
- Some tests in endgame.tst corrected.


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