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[gnugo-devel] trevor_1_15.2

From: Trevor Morris
Subject: [gnugo-devel] trevor_1_15.2
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 15:38:19 -0500
 - removed  "strategic effect".

The strategic effect seems to cause almost as many problems as it solves.  
Here's a list of FAILURES (35) / PASSES (26) with removing the effect.
There are a lot of fixmes in this section of code.  Is this effect 
really necessary?  If so, it probably needs an overhaul.

Some of these FAILURES are very easily solved with patterns.  

BTW, you can view these problems (before the patch) by adding
to the front of the problem name.  For example:

I'm currently updating the regression view every couple of days
with the latest CVS.  If anyone shouts, I'll add the timestamp
to the html display, so you can tell when it was built.

Copy of patch follows at end of message.

Unexpected results:
arb:200 FAILED 
arend:1 FAILED 
arend:30 FAILED 
arend:35 FAILED 
arend:4 FAILED 
buzco:5 FAILED 
ego:3 FAILED 
endgame:104 FAILED 
global:18 FAILED 
global:20 FAILED 
global:26 FAILED 
global:33 FAILED 
golife:4 FAILED 
ld_owl:152 FAILED 
manyfaces:5 FAILED 
manyfaces:6 FAILED 
neurogo:11 FAILED 
nicklas1:811 FAILED 
nicklas2:102 FAILED 
nicklas2:2201 FAILED 
nicklas3:401 FAILED 
niki:3 FAILED 
strategy2:59 FAILED 
strategy2:94 FAILED 
strategy3:116 FAILED 
strategy3:119 FAILED 
strategy4:151 FAILED 
strategy4:166 FAILED 
strategy:34 FAILED 
strategy:6 FAILED 
tactics:2 FAILED 
trevor:15 FAILED 
trevor:461 FAILED 
trevor:590 FAILED 
viking:3 FAILED 
arend:2 PASSED 
buzco:8 PASSED 
dniwog:7 PASSED 
ego:4 PASSED 
ego:8 PASSED 
global:22 PASSED 
neurogo:6 PASSED 
nicklas1:1214 PASSED 
nicklas1:502 PASSED 
nicklas2:2102 PASSED 
nicklas5:1202 PASSED 
strategy2:53 PASSED 
strategy2:65 PASSED 
strategy4:162 PASSED 
strategy4:197 PASSED 
strategy4:198 PASSED 
strategy4:199 PASSED 
strategy4:200 PASSED 
strategy4:207 PASSED 
strategy:1 PASSED 
strategy:17 PASSED 
strategy:18 PASSED 
trevor:160 PASSED 
trevor:310 PASSED 
trevor:410 PASSED 
viking:2 PASSED 


Index: engine/move_reasons.c
RCS file: /cvsroot/gnugo/gnugo/engine/move_reasons.c,v
retrieving revision 1.39
diff -u -b -B -r1.39 move_reasons.c
--- engine/move_reasons.c       2001/11/17 19:47:56     1.39
+++ engine/move_reasons.c       2001/11/20 19:19:07
@@ -3334,9 +3334,12 @@
-    TRACE("  %1m: %f - strategic effect on %1m\n",
-         pos, dragon_value[k], dragons[k]);
-    tot_value += dragon_value[k];
+    /***
+    *tm - removed this "voodoo" effect 3.1.15
+    *TRACE("  %1m: %f - strategic effect on %1m\n",
+    *    pos, dragon_value[k], dragons[k]);
+    *tot_value += dragon_value[k];
+    */
   move[pos].strategical_value = tot_value;

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