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[gnugo-devel] GNU GO

From: Sebastien Koch
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GNU GO
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 13:11:04 +0100


My name is Sebastien Koch, and I'm a 2 Dan go player in Geneva. I'm
also a programmer, and I tried to start to do a Go program in Pascal
some years ago, but without success.

I understand that to do a strong Go program is a very long and hard
work, and that it's almost impossible to reach this goal alone
without any help. So that's why I contact you. I would like to
provide you my help, by coding maybe some new parts of your program,
or by debugging it (if there are any bugs... :) ).

If you are interested about me to help you, please tell me by reply
of this e-mail. I'm impatient to work together with you and to do the
best program in the world!

Regards, Sebastien

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