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[gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.15

From: Daniel Bump
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.15
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 07:14:55 -0800

GNU Go 3.1.15 is now avalailable at:

The CVS tag is rel-3-1-15.

This includes the following patches, available at:

One last minute change is that small_semeai now calls 
owl_analyze_semeai (in its safer non-owl mode). This
did not affect the results of any tests.

semeai_1_15.4.         small_semeai calls owl_analyze_semeai. 
gnugo.dsw.15.gz.       Revision of gnugo.dsw
patterns.dsp.15.gz.    Revision of patterns.dsp. 
semeai_1_15.3.         Backfilling for tactical semeais. 
gunnar_1_15.9.         Bugfix. 
trevor_1_15.6.         Owl tuning. 
gunnar_1_15.8.         Tuning. 
gunnar_1_15.7.         Half and false eye analysis with ko implemented. 
gunnar_1_15.6.         Doc update. 
gunnar_1_15.5.         New and revised regressions. 
gunnar_1_15.4.         Improved tactical reading. 
gunnar_1_15.3.         GTP list_stones. 
trevor_1_15.5.         Various changes. 
semeai_1_15.2.         Tactical semeai.
inessential_1_15.2.    Inessential worms must be cutting. 
inge_1_15.2.           Eye patch. 
trevor_1_15.4.         Trevora tests. 
inge_1_15.1b.          Combination stuff.
gunnar_1_15.2.         Cleanup. 
gunnar_1_15.1.         Various changes. 
doc_1_15.1.            Doc revision. 
semeai_1_15.1.         Hacks up owl_analyze_semeai. 
trevor_1_15.3.         New test suite. 
trevor_1_15.1.tar.gz.  Various changes. 
arend_1_15.1.          Proposed revalaution of followup values. 
arend_1_15.2.          Empty corner value adjusted to boardsize.            Perl script to make tests. 

- new field value in struct half_eye_data
- topological_eye() and evaluate_diagonal_intersection() take ko into account
- improved debug output in compute_eyes() and compute_eyes_pessimistic()
- add_half_eye() renamed add_false_eye
- make_proper_eye_space() and remove_eyepoint() removed
- owl_topological_eye() reimplemented to look up stored data
- new function special_rescue5() in reading.c
- defend2() and defend3() revised
- new GTP commands list_stones and tactical_analyze_semeai()
- new command line option --decide-tactical-semeai
- support for marginal eye points with opponent stones in eyes.db
- persistent caching added to owl_does_attack()
- owl_does_defend() and owl_does_attack() now understand ko
- owl_determine_life() revised
- owl_analyze_semeai() revised
- small_semeai() calls owl_analyze_semeai
- new function silent_examine_position()
- find_more_owl_attack_and_defense_moves() revised
- ko valuation revised
- cutting worms are never inessential
- 1D revision of print_eye() in optics.c
- compute_eyes_pessimistic() revised
- bugfixes in evaluate_diagonal_intersection()
- new gtp commands owl_analyze_semeai, owl_does_attack, and owl_does_defend
- revision of owl_analyze_semeai()
- new static catalog_goal in owl.c
- sgfdecide functions made 1D
- empty_corner_value adjusted to board size in fuseki()
- removed tactical reading move pass from owl.c
- contribution of (reverse) followup values revised in value_move_reasons
- comments made 1D in owl.c
- now accepts "problem sets"
- regress.plx includes "unexpected result" list
- new gtp_example/
- changed warning to error in mkpat.c
- minor change to
- atari_atari now considers general threat the first moves
- new depth parameter aa_threat_depth
- new function: atari_atari_succeeded
- cleanup in atari_atari functions
- compute_escape_influence now 1D
- new function in reading.c: attack_threats
- handling of tactical moves in worm.c no longer static
- replaced abort() in mkeyes with fatal error messages
- patterns.dsp and gnugo.dsw revised
- tuning
- influence tuning
- connection_tuning
- owl tuning
- test revisions
- new trevora tests
- new semeai tests
- doc revision


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