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[gnugo-devel] lots of fixes coming...

From: Trevor Morris
Subject: [gnugo-devel] lots of fixes coming...
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 13:55:17 -0500

I'm preparing to send out a tuning patch, with the following
delta (17 failures, 41 passes):

13x13:39 FAILED 
arend:1 FAILED 
endgame:102 FAILED 
global:16 FAILED 
golife:2 FAILED 
manyfaces:7 FAILED 
nicklas4:809 FAILED 
owl_rot:150 FAILED 
strategy3:147 FAILED 
strategy:18 FAILED 
strategy:26 FAILED 
trevor:200 FAILED 
trevor:461 FAILED 
trevorb:590 FAILED 
trevorc:1430 FAILED 
trevorc:350 FAILED 
vie:37 FAILED 
13x13:37 PASSED 
13x13:6 PASSED 
13x13:72 PASSED 
ego:6 PASSED 
ego:8 PASSED 
global:37 PASSED 
global:41 PASSED 
strategy2:54 PASSED 
strategy4:212 PASSED 
strategy:20 PASSED 
trevor:1050 PASSED 
trevora:430 PASSED 
trevorb:660 PASSED 
trevorb:730 PASSED 
trevorc:1090 PASSED 
trevorc:1380 PASSED 
trevorc:1640 PASSED 
trevorc:190 PASSED 
trevorc:590 PASSED 
trevorc:630 PASSED 
trevorc:790 PASSED 
trevorc:830 PASSED 
trevord:100 PASSED 
trevord:1080 PASSED 
trevord:1120 PASSED 
trevord:130 PASSED 
trevord:140 PASSED 
trevord:150 PASSED 
trevord:180 PASSED 
trevord:370 PASSED 
trevord:380 PASSED 
trevord:390 PASSED 
trevord:410 PASSED 
trevord:690 PASSED 
trevord:720 PASSED 
trevord:740 PASSED 
trevord:930 PASSED 
trevord:950 PASSED 
viking:7 PASSED 
viking:8 PASSED 
buzco:6 passed 

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