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[gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.20

From: Daniel Bump
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.20
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 09:09:50 -0800

GNU Go 3.1.20 is now available. It contains the following

Due to the slowness of the mailing list some patches didn't
make it in.

gunnar_1_20.10.      Cleanup in patterns/*.db. 
gunnar_1_20.9.       FIXME addressed in semeai.c. 
trevor_1_20.10.      Tuning etc. 
gunnar_1_20.8.       Tactical reading improvement. 
trevor_1_20.9.       New testsuite. 
inge_1_20.2.         Removes redundant either moves. 
trevor_1_20.7.       Regression categories. 
trevor_1_20.8.       Tuning. 
teun_1_20.2.         Consistency checking for mkpat.c. 
static_moyo_1_20.1.  Should fix GNU Go for Mac OS X. 
gunnar_1_20.7.       Tuning. 
gunnar_1_20.6.       New reading test cases. 
trevor_1_20.6.       Non territory pattern. 
inge_1_20.1.         Revised combination stuff. 
gunnar_1_20.5.       Tactical reading improvement. 
gunnar_1_20.4.       Tuning. 
trevor_1_20.5.       Tuning patch. 
trevor_1_20.3.       Debug and trace enhancements. 
trevor_1_20.4.       New tests. 
teun_1_20.1.         Test gray border. 
gunnar_1_20.3.       Avoid giving followup values for non-sente threats. 
gunnar_1_20.2.       Bad 13x13 fuseki pattern removed. 
gunnar_1_20.1.       Revised checking of GM and FF properties in sgf files. 
doc_1_20.1.          Doc revision. 
trevor_1_20.2        HTML view revision. 

- ko return codes from owl_does_attack() and owl_does_defend() handled
  in analyze_semeai()
- special_rescue2() generalized and reimplemented
- bugfix in edge_clamp()
- mkpat does consistency checking between the diagram and constraint diagram
- new function connect_and_cut_helper() in helpers.c
- least significant bit of move reason now denotes a threat
- bugfix in add_attack_either_move
- new move reason: EITHER_MOVE
- disabled add_attack_either_move
- removed redundant EITHER_MOVEs
- minor cleanup in move_reasons.c
- some cleanup in move_reasons.c
- renamed some move reasons for name consistency
- new function special_rescue6() in reading.c
- defend3() revised
- don't run compute_eyes on eye spaces not attached to a dragon
- avoid giving followup values to non-sente threats in
  threaten_to_capture_helper() and in estimate_territorial_value()
- new test_gray_border() in board.c with assertions in genmove.c
- xplay_attack_either returns WIN not 1
- improved debugging and trace output
- checking of sgf GM and FF properties revised
-'s converted using Automake 1.5
- html view enhancements
- tuning
- influence tuning
- owl tuning
- fuseki tuning
- performance tuning
- test revisions


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