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Re: [gnugo-devel] program based on gnugo

From: Daniel Bump
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] program based on gnugo
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 16:29:22 -0800

> Hi Bernard,
> > I am trying to write a program using some parts of gnugo. To begin with,
> > it will probably be some kind of monte carlo go. 
> > 
> > Do you have ideas as to how I should try and incorporate my move
> > generation code in gnugo ? What I've done now is patching main.c so that
> > it accepts an option --mcgo, and interface.c, modifying the function
> > gnugo_genmove :
> > 
> (...)
> > I also added my object file in engine/Makefile and a #include in
> > gnugo.h.
> > 
> > It seems to work quite well. Is it a "normal" way to do it ?
> Why not? Just note that engine/Makefile is automatically generated by
> configure, so adding it to engine/ and engine/ seems
> more appropriate.

Better just add it to then run automake 1.5. To
generate Finally configure will generate the
Makefile. is the only file you need to edit.

Bernard, what facilities of GNU Go will you be using? Do you use
functions from the engine such as the reading code and so forth
or are you completely replacing the engine?


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