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Re: [gnugo-devel] I stepped on a bug!

From: Simon Cozens
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] I stepped on a bug!
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 13:14:56 +0000
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On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 02:06:06PM +0100, Arend Bayer wrote:
> > game by 90 points anyway. Playing under Jago in Mac OS X 10.1.2. 
> > File can't be read under gnugo 3.0.0, 2.7.245 or 3.1.21
> > 
> > SGF attached.
> Thanks for sending the file. Did you take back any moves, the first time
> at move 12/13 already?

I took back at 14, which was supposed to be played at O17. 

> The sgf-file is corrupted, 

Maybe a Jago bug as well, then.

"Don't worry about people stealing your ideas.   If your ideas are any good, 
you'll have to ram them down people's throats."
 -- Howard Aiken

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