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[gnugo-devel] trevor_1_22.5

From: Trevor Morris
Subject: [gnugo-devel] trevor_1_22.5
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 10:52:14 -0500
 - tuning

note that this depends on trevor_1_22.4

Lots of tuning.  Not the best percentage, but net gain of 26 
passes.  Here's the delta versus a recent build:

fails 1 
passes 2 
pass : fail 1.67 : 1 

Problem Status 
13x13:15 FAILED 
13x13:33 FAILED 
13x13:38 FAILED 
13x13:52 FAILED 
13x13:63 FAILED 
13x13:77 FAILED 
buzco:5 FAILED 
ego:11 FAILED 
lazarus:2 FAILED 
nicklas1:1801 FAILED 
nicklas1:203 FAILED 
nicklas2:2401 FAILED 
nicklas5:1211 FAILED 
nngs:1020 FAILED 
nngs:1320 FAILED 
nngs:1900 FAILED 
nngs:260 FAILED 
nngs:270 FAILED 
nngs:330 FAILED 
nngs:400 FAILED 
owl:178 FAILED 
owl:180 FAILED 
owl:22 FAILED 
strategy2:55 FAILED 
strategy3:122 FAILED 
strategy3:136 FAILED 
strategy4:157 FAILED 
strategy4:182 FAILED 
strategy:27 FAILED 
strategy:44 FAILED 
trevor:251 FAILED 
trevor:330 FAILED 
trevor:340 FAILED 
trevora:290 FAILED 
trevorc:1620 FAILED 
trevord:120 FAILED 
trevord:370 FAILED 
trevord:890 FAILED 
strategy2:73 failed 
13x13:37 PASSED 
13x13:80 PASSED 
global:16 PASSED 
global:40 PASSED 
lazarus:13 PASSED 
lazarus:16 PASSED 
lazarus:4 PASSED 
lazarus:5 PASSED 
neurogo:12 PASSED 
nicklas1:1405 PASSED 
nicklas1:1408 PASSED 
nicklas2:1407 PASSED 
nicklas5:1202 PASSED 
niki:4 PASSED 
nngs:140 PASSED 
nngs:150 PASSED 
nngs:1640 PASSED 
nngs:1660 PASSED 
nngs:1700 PASSED 
nngs:1740 PASSED 
nngs:1810 PASSED 
nngs:1860 PASSED 
nngs:1870 PASSED 
nngs:1880 PASSED 
nngs:250 PASSED 
nngs:380 PASSED 
nngs:440 PASSED 
nngs:560 PASSED 
nngs:680 PASSED 
nngs:700 PASSED 
nngs:710 PASSED 
nngs:770 PASSED 
owl:23 PASSED 
owl:255 PASSED 
owl:72 PASSED 
owl_rot:150 PASSED 
owl_rot:70 PASSED 
strategy4:163 PASSED 
strategy4:194 PASSED 
trevor:1070 PASSED 
trevor:200 PASSED 
trevor:740 PASSED 
trevora:300 PASSED 
trevora:390 PASSED 
trevorc:1000 PASSED 
trevorc:1080 PASSED 
trevorc:1570 PASSED 
trevorc:300 PASSED 
trevorc:420 PASSED 
trevorc:470 PASSED 
trevorc:550 PASSED 
trevorc:810 PASSED 
trevorc:880 PASSED 
trevorc:890 PASSED 
trevorc:930 PASSED 
trevord:1100 PASSED 
trevord:310 PASSED 
trevord:360 PASSED 
trevord:460 PASSED 
trevord:490 PASSED 
trevord:520 PASSED 
trevord:870 PASSED 
trevord:910 PASSED 
strategy2:60 passed 
strategy3:119 passed 

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