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Re: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.22

From: Trevor Morris
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.22
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 16:16:46 -0500

To answer my own (implied) question, has:

/* Define as 1 to enable the DFA pattern matcher */
#define DFA_ENABLED 0

Should probably be set to 1 now, right?


At 03:37 PM 1/20/2002 -0500, Trevor Morris wrote:
>This shows 9 FAILS & 6 PASSES, so we still have platform
>specific issues.  Perhaps one of the new defaults isn't
>correctly configured under VC?  It did run the regressions
>much faster (about 3 hours; used to take 4).
>At 07:54 AM 1/20/2002 -0800, Daniel Bump wrote:
>>GNU Go 3.1.22 is now available at:
>>This version will be faster because computation of owl threats
>>is turned off by default. There are three compile time options
>>worth mentioning
>>--enable-owl-threats             compute owl threats
>>--enable-experimental-semeai     use new semeai module
>>--enable-experimental-influence  use Arend's experimental influence
>>The first two options should result in more PASS'd tests,
>>and presumably make the program slower at the expense of speed.
>>I hope the experimental semeai can become the default after
>>Zobrist hashing gets implemented. I'm working on this.
>>There are a *lot* of changes to test results, 118 unexpected PASS
>>and 63 unexpected FAIL. Much of this is due to the patch gunnar_1_22.4.
>>Patches in this release:
>>arend_1_22.4. Experimental influence. 
>>trevor_1_22.5. Tuning. 
>>owl_1_threats_22.1. Owl threat computation made optional. 
>>arend_1_22.2. Tuning etc. 
>>gunnar_1_22.6. Filllib improvement. 
>>dfa_1_22.1. Makes dfa the default. 
>>trevor_1_22.3. Test case revisions. 
>>trevor_1_22.4. Various changes. 
>>komaster_1_22.1. Bugfix. 
>>teun_1_22.1. Rot revision. 
>>arend_1_22.3. New NNGS tests. 
>>gunnar_1_22.5. Tuning and new connection tests. 
>>gunnar_1_22.4. Atari_atari revisions. 
>>gunnar_1_22.3. Optics improved. 
>>arend_1_22.1. Redundant move reasons. 
>>trevor_1_22.1. engine.dsp. 
>>gunnar_1_22.2. Various small changes. 
>>gunnar_1_22.1. Revision of lazarus.tst. 
>>dfa_1_22.1. Increased DFA_MAX_MATCHED. 
>>sgf_1_22.1. Bugfix in sgftreeAddStone. 
>>- find_backfilling_move() in filllib.c revised
>>- dfa made standard
>>- owl threat computation made optional (and not default)
>>- comments added, cleanup around discard_redundant_move_reasons
>>- new (unused) experimental influence configure and run time options
>>- unsafe tactical moves now taken care by discard_redundant_move_reasons
>>- FIXME added for reevaluate_ko_threats
>>- atari_atari_attack_patterns() uses a goal array to limit search area
>>- new functions compute_aa_values(), get_aa_value(), and update_aa_goal()
>>- ko contingent defenses excluded in get_saved_worms(), get_saved_dragons()
>>- valuation of atari_atari move reasons revised
>>- recognize_eye() revised
>>- spelling corrections
>>- fflush() added a few places
>>- owl tries tactical defense for small groups
>>- owl logs number of variations per sub-tree in SGF file
>>- [ox]play_(attack_either|defend_both) handles ko correctly.
>>- added [ox]play_connect and dis_connect helpers
>>- allow followup value if defense threat is contingent on ko.
>>- only allow territory move values if move is deemed safe.
>>- reduce cutstone values in case of ko.
>>- debug printing in influence.c slightly restructured
>>- new function influence_moyo_color_opposite()
>>- one trace output reenabled in confirm_safety()
>>- bugfix in sgftreeAddStone
>>- bugfix in komaster_trymove
>>- mascot in dragon.c
>>- tuning
>>- eye tuning
>>- atari_atari tuning
>>- connection tuning
>>- fuseki tuning
>>- owl tuning
>>- test revisions
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