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Re: [gnugo-devel] 2 arraybound violations in 3.1.22.

From: Daniel Bump
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] 2 arraybound violations in 3.1.22.
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 09:14:45 -0800

Teun wrote:

> The second one shows up when filllib.tst is
> run with --experimental-semeai. The
> matcher_status is 7 for the dragon involved
> and this leads to an
> arraybound violation on the class_mask array.

This crash can be gotten from the command line
with these arguments:

gnugo -l incident72.sgf --quiet -L255 -t

It goes away if you configure --enable-experimental-semeai --disable-dfa.

I found that I had to make clean then recompile
to get the dfa disabled.

Here's the backtrace for this crash:

#0  0x40081401 in kill () from /lib/
#1  0x4008121f in raise (sig=6) at ../sysdeps/posix/raise.c:28
#2  0x4008243f in abort () at ../sysdeps/generic/abort.c:134
#3  0x8079afa in abortgo (file=0x80c8f37 "matchpat.c", line=923, 
    msg=0x80c9126 "dragon[POS(x,y)].matcher_status < 4", x=6, y=9)
    at printutils.c:281
#4  0x806b035 in check_pattern_light (m=6, n=9, 
    callback=0x805db10 <atari_atari_attack_callback>, color=2, 
    pattern=0x8177c68, ll=1, callback_data=0x0, goal=0x0) at matchpat.c:923
#5  0x806aeef in do_dfa_matchpat (pdfa=0x8179718, m=6, n=9, 
    callback=0x805db10 <atari_atari_attack_callback>, color=2, 
    database=0x8177c68, callback_data=0x0, goal=0x0) at matchpat.c:872
#6  0x806b146 in dfa_matchpat_loop (
    callback=0x805db10 <atari_atari_attack_callback>, color=2, anchor=1, 
    pdb=0x8179780, callback_data=0x0, goal=0x0) at matchpat.c:975
#7  0x806b293 in matchpat (callback=0x805db10 <atari_atari_attack_callback>, 
    color=2, pdb=0x8179780, callback_data=0x0, goal=0x0) at matchpat.c:1071
#8  0x805db04 in atari_atari_attack_patterns (color=2, minsize=0, 
    attacks=0xbfffdc68, goal=0x0) at combination.c:880
#9  0x805d9f1 in atari_atari_find_attack_moves (color=2, minsize=0, 
    attacks=0xbfffdc68, goal=0x0) at combination.c:826
#10 0x805d4ea in do_atari_atari (color=2, attack_point=0xbffff8ec, 
    defense_point=0xbffff8e8, last_friendly=0, save_verbose=1, minsize=0, 
    goal=0x0) at combination.c:633
#11 0x805cef0 in atari_atari (color=2, attack_move=0xbffff924, 
    defense_move=0x0, save_verbose=1) at combination.c:273
#12 0x805cc7c in combinations (color=2) at combination.c:63
#13 0x8062dc9 in do_genmove (move=0xbffff96c, color=2, 
    pure_threat_value=0.400000006) at genmove.c:404
#14 0x80629d0 in genmove (i=0xbffff998, j=0xbffff994, color=2) at genmove.c:260
#15 0x805147e in load_and_analyze_sgf_file (head=0x865ad58, 
    gameinfo=0xbffffa78, untilstr=0xbffffde1 "255", benchmark=0, to_move=0)
    at play_solo.c:163
#16 0x804a367 in main (argc=6, argv=0xbffffcbc) at main.c:853


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