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[gnugo-devel] arend_1_33.2: undo of GNU Go' PASS in gtp-mode fixed

From: Arend Bayer
Subject: [gnugo-devel] arend_1_33.2: undo of GNU Go' PASS in gtp-mode fixed
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 14:53:13 +0200 (CEST)

If someone has passed, then an undo should take back this pass I assume.
In gtp-mode, undo behaves this way if the pass has been played via
"black PASS"/"white PASS", but not if the PASS was the result of a

The reason for this is that gtp_genmove_black does not record the PASS
via a call to play_move().

This is fixed by the patch below, which seems clearly correct to me. But
as I am not familiar with the interfaces at all, someone should else should
be convinced of its correctness, too.


 - do put GNU Go's passes in permanent move history

Index: interface/play_gtp.c
RCS file: /cvsroot/gnugo/gnugo/interface/play_gtp.c,v
retrieving revision 1.72
diff -u -r1.72 play_gtp.c
--- interface/play_gtp.c        12 Apr 2002 14:23:54 -0000      1.72
+++ interface/play_gtp.c        14 Apr 2002 12:44:03 -0000
@@ -1681,6 +1681,8 @@
   if (genmove(&i, &j, BLACK) >= 0)
     play_move(POS(i, j), BLACK);
+  else
+    play_move(NO_MOVE, BLACK);
   gtp_printid(id, GTP_SUCCESS);
   gtp_print_vertex(i, j);
@@ -1703,6 +1705,8 @@
   if (genmove(&i, &j, WHITE) >= 0)
     play_move(POS(i, j), WHITE);
+  else
+    play_move(NO_MOVE, WHITE);
   gtp_printid(id, GTP_SUCCESS);
   gtp_print_vertex(i, j);

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