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Re: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.3/3.5

From: bump
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.3/3.5
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 06:52:45 -0700

Arend wrote:

> 0. Try further curing of the --experimental-influence weaknesses.
> 1. Improve semai module so that it can be turned on by default.
> 2. Rewrite strategical evaluation to a strict before move/after move
>    comparison. This has to use: moyo size, eye shape, esacpe values, ...
> 3. Try teaching GNU Go Honte/simplifying position, maybe using the active 
>    area of (owl_)attack of alive resp. (owl_)defense of dead strings/dragons 
>    as a  way to measure the aji in the position.
> 4. Connection: Improve Tristan's/speedup Gunnar's reader.
> 5. Use standard tree branching methods everywhere for substantial speedup.
> 6. Replace dragon amalgamation by based on readconnect (and with it
>    of course the connect/cutting move generator).
> 7. I'd like to write a new module to analyze fights involving multiple
>    dragons.

These are all good ideas. (2), (6) and (7) seem projects for later.
Actually for (2) I think it is important to eventually do this
but there seem to be more urgent things first, (6) may be on 
Gunnar's connection agenda and (7) is harder than (2).

I'd add that in the short term, the owl code needs work. Gunnar
spoke of replacing it with something new, but right now it might
be best to get the existing code working correctly in simple
cases that currently fail, and (as Trevor and Gunnar suggested)
teach it to distinguish between living in place and escaping.

Our biggest problems right now include failure to recognize
the weakness of groups, and a tendency to develop groups, then
abandon them. I don't think we currently have a cogent plan
for fixing these problems, but if we could we'd have an
immediately stronger engine.


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