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Re: [gnugo-devel] gcc 3.1, djgpp, -Wp,-lang-c89

From: Dave Denholm
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] gcc 3.1, djgpp, -Wp,-lang-c89
Date: 15 Jun 2002 15:29:09 +0100

Teun Burgers <address@hidden> writes:

> gcc 3.1 works fine with djgpp, however only when
> I omit -Wp,-lang-c89.
> The cpp 3.1 info says on this:
>      *Note:* Previous versions of cpp accepted a `-lang' option which
>      selected both the language and the standards conformance level.
>      This option has been removed, because it conflicts with the `-l'
>      option.
> So -Wp,-lang-c89 seems to be obsolete.

IIRC, it was put in originally to make sure gcc rejected // comments.
gcc accepts them by default, but they are obviously not portable.


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