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[gnugo-devel] owl problem

From: Arend Bayer
Subject: [gnugo-devel] owl problem
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 16:40:58 +0200 (CEST)

I have somewhat rewritten the evaluation that estimates a dragon's weakness.
(Results look good, I will probably e-mail a patch soon.)

One problem I came across is the following:

I would have liked to award a serious penalty to dragons whose owl
status is uncertain. However, look at:
(There were other examples, too.)

The huge white dragon in the center actually has an uncertain owl result
both for attack and defense. I can of course work around this in the
strategical evaluation. But spending 2000 owl reading nodes on such an
obviously alive dragon is clearly a waste of time.
It looks like there is a problem here, and that we could fix a huge
number of owl nodes by fixing that (and then we could also enlarge the
owl node limit for those case where we really need it).


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