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[gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.3.5

From: bump
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.3.5
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 08:26:51 -0700

GNU Go 3.3.5 is now available at:

There was some confusion about the CVS tags but the CVS
tag rel-3-3-5 is correct.

arend_3_5.8. Even more careful about moving owl stack on realloc. 
arend_3_5.9. Influence tuning. 
gunnar_3_5.2. Combinations bug. 
scoring_3_5.1. Corrects scoring errors. 
arend_3_5.7a. Careful about moving owl stack on realloc.
arend_3_5.6. Influence depth. 
arend_3_5.5. Struct reading_moves. 
bugfix_3_5.1. Bugfix in play_ascii.c. 
arend_3_5.4. Semeai patch. 
arend_3_5.1a. Semeai patch. (Revised.) 
arend_3_5.2. Semeai patch. 
arend_3_5.3. New tests. 
gunnar_3_5.1. Escape bug. 
bugfixes_3_5.1. Two bugs reported by Teun. 

- bugfix in break_through_helper()
- bugfix in combinations()
- reduced_init_owl() allocates bigger owl stack with --experimental-semeai
- bugfixes in pop_owl(): don't crash if owl stack has moved
- reduce reading depth by one in influence pattern matching
- new struct reading_moves in reading.c
- owl stack can now handle two local_owl_data structs
- semeai code now uses owl stack
- don't push owl data in owl_analyze_semeai below branch depth
- Don't change critical dragons to dead due to semeai results
- DEBUG_SEMEAI trace enhancements
- semeai refinements
- owl_phase now local variable in do_owl_analyze_semeai
- bugfix in do_owl_defend(): computation of escape parameter
- bugfix in play_ascii.c: don't crash on unusual boardsizes
- dead stones with no neighbors are captured territory
- improved debug traces in score.c
- decide-dragon clears cache between owl attack and defend
- influence pattern tuning
- new tests and regressions


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