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[gnugo-devel] Olympiad games

From: Gunnar Farneback
Subject: [gnugo-devel] Olympiad games
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 18:55:11 +0200
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I wrote:
> Before I add them to CVS I need to strip out the move value markings
> and fix a couple of undos in one of the games.

I have now added the game records to CVS in
regression/games/olympiad2002. This gives us a wealth of games to
discuss. I'll start with some comments about the first Go Intellect
game, game1-19-goint-gnugo-1-0.sgf.

Inge wrote:
> The game against Go Intellect was lost with 19.5 points and was very
> exiting.  I will try to send the game record later today. GNU Go
> started by defending somewhat badly against an invasion.

All moves in the combination B11 (17), B13 (19), D11 (21) are at best
questionable. Incidentally they are all thought to be owl attacks on

A relevant question is whether we should even consult the owl code for
a light stone like C12. It would make more sense to strengthen the
surrounding neighbors and aim to capture it on a large scale. Any
suggestions for how to
(1) identify light stones?
(2) identify and value moves capturing on a large scale?

> Then the invading group got into trouble, but managed to escape.

That trouble seemed to be kind of accidental. GNU Go didn't fight very
well. H12 (47) should have been G12, G11 (51) should have been F11.

> Gnugo had to run with a weak group, managed to save it and then
> abandoned it!

The major problem was J15 (91) which must be at R12. There's no
discussion that the owl reading made a major mistake, thinking J15 was
an owl defense for L15. This was partly caused by, unusually enough,
an underamalgamation. With --experimental-connections L15 and Q14 are
correctly amalgamated, but then it instead fails to find an owl attack
at all.

> After that it came back pretty strongly with a huge moyo which
> solidified into territory.

S7 (95) and N11 (97) weren't all that great, but after that it did
better than Go Intellect at least.

> Go Intellect let GNU Go into its territory on one edge and GNU got
> quite a few points there. Go Intellect also threw away about 10
> points on pointless (!) moves. According to Mr Chen, the author of
> Go Intellect, the program would not have done this if the position
> was close.
> At last, Go Intellect, invided the big moyo and tried to live but GNU
> defended nicely.  That is, except for letting Go Intellect have a ko
> for life, something that Go Intellect did not take advantage of.

Yet another owl mistake.


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