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[gnugo-devel] Another GTP patch.

From: Gunnar Farneback
Subject: [gnugo-devel] Another GTP patch.
Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 23:38:20 +0200
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I've put up a big GTP patch at

The large change is that the request id is no longer passed to the
callback functions in play_gtp.c. Instead it's stored in a static
variable in gtp.c and automatically written at the start of the
response. I have also renamed gtp_printid() to gtp_start_response()
which is more natural when we no longer pass around the id and a good
match to the gtp_finish_response() function.

A smaller change is that the processing of command lines in
gtp_main_loop() has been rewritten according to section 3.1 of the
latest GTP version 2 specification draft:

| When a command string arrives to an engine, it is expected to
| perform the following four operations before any further parsing
| takes place: 
|    1. Remove all occurences of CR and other control characters except
|       for HT and LF. 
|    2. For each line with a hash sign (#), remove all text following
|       and including this character. 
|    3. Convert all occurences of HT to SPACE.
|    4. Discard any empty or white-space only lines.

- request id no longer passed to callbacks in play_gtp.c
- gtp_printid() renamed to gtp_start_response()
- new preprocessing of command lines in gtp_main_loop()

This patch has been added to CVS.


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