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[gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.3.6

From: bump
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.3.6
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 16:58:04 -0700

GNU Go 3.3.6 is now available at:

gunnar_3_6.8. Various kinds of tuning. 
gunnar_3_6.7. New and fixed regressions. 
gunnar_3_6.6. Fixed connection pattern. 
gunnar_3_6.5. Cleanup. 
gunnar_3_6.4.gz. GTP revisions. 
gunnar_3_6.3. Repair of matcher_check script. 
gunnar_3_6.2. Merge of GTP commands dragon_status and matcher_status. 
status_names_3_6.2. Renames dragon.status and matcher_status. 
matcher_status_3_6.2. Revision of GTP matcher_status command. 
status_3_6.1. Matcher status diagram. 
matcher_check_3_6.1. Now matcher_check uses only one process. 
edmondton_3_6.1. Mostly tuning related to the Maastricht and Edmonton games. 
New matcher_check from Evan Berggren Daniel.
olympiad_3_6.1. A few more tests in strategy5. 
connections_3_6.1a. Connection patch and tuning. 
matcher_status_3_6.1a. GTP matcher status command.
arend_3_6.1. Award strategic_penalty() a bit more often. 
gunnar_3_6.1. Thrashing dragons better restrained. 

- extended_chainlinks() revised
- MAX_REASONS increased from 80 to 100
- modify_stupid_eye_vital_point() revised
- new functions improve_lunch_attack() and improve_lunch_defense()
- backfilling in do_owl_attack() when trying the defender's best move
- sniff_lunch() revised
- new experimental_connections contingent code in shapes_callback()
- induce_secondary_move_reasons() revised
- tuning
- endgame tuning
- owl tuning
- request id no longer passed to callbacks in play_gtp.c
- gtp_printid() renamed to gtp_start_response()
- new preprocessing of command lines in gtp_main_loop()
- GTP command dragon_status revised
- bug fix in estimate_strategical_value: EITHER_MOVE negative values
- j pattern value increased from 22.0 to 24.0
- new gtp experimental_score for metamachine
- new DEBUG_MISCELLANEOUS used only in find_eye_dragons
- connection tunning
- B patterns found by find_cuts inhibit C patterns by find_connections
- new connection tests
- strategic_penalty() adds negative strategical move value a bit more often
- revise_thrashing_dragons() revised
- tuning
- owl tuning
- new tests and game records


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