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Re[4]: [gnugo-devel] engine/sgffile.c

From: Paul Pogonyshev
Subject: Re[4]: [gnugo-devel] engine/sgffile.c
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 19:52:37 +0300

Gunnar wrote:
>> i'll start with this. someone has to do low-priority job ;) i'll keep
>> move values it outputs now.

> I've been thinking about this and I think it would be best to have
> output of move values and dragon status (marking dead and critical
> ones) as an option.

ok, i'll implement a new option (placed it to debug options): -O
   -O, --output-flags <flags>    optional output (use with -o)
                     d: mark dead and critical dragons
                     v: show values of considered moves
                     specify either no flags, 'd', 'v' or 'dv'

which should be the default variant?

and more important question: when saving by other meanings (e.g. save
in ascii mode), all the debug output should be probably skipped.
should i use two separate trees, or may i change some sgf tree
structures, introducing debug properties?

Paul Pogonyshev

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