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[gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.3.7

From: bump
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.3.7
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 16:50:04 -0700

GNU Go 3.3.7 is available at:

Still pending are sgf_3_7.3 and Evan's 9x9 tests.

The following patches are included:

gunnar_3_7.8. Improved show_dragon. 
nngs3.tst. New tests. 
gunnar_3_7.8.gz. Code maintenance. 
sgf_3_7.1b. Big sgf revision patch. Revision of sgf_3_7.1. Includes sgf_3_7.2. 
matcher_check_3_7.8. Compare two versions. 
bugfix_1_7.1. Use standard C. 
arend_3_7.5. Blunder more carefully. 
gunnar_3_7.7. Two bugfixes. 
matcher_check_3_7.7. One more matcher_check fix. 
evan_3_7.2. New test. (See strategy5:272.) 
pogonyshev_3_7.1. Not EXPERIMENTAL_CONNECTIONS. 
tuning_3_7.1. Minor tuning. 
safety_3_7.1. New tests. 
matcher_check_3_7.7b. Stable option. 
regression_3_7.2. One regression test revised. 
valgrind_3_7.1. Use of uninitialized memory in sniff_lunch() fixed. 
gunnar_3_7.6. Man page revised. 
gunnar_3_7.5. Tuning. 
gunnar_3_7.4. Mirror go option. 
arend_3_7.4. revised pattern handling: class B, add_attack_either_move. 
matcher_check_3_7.6. Twogtp-a kills processes. (Yes, the patch is misnamed.) 
regression_3_7.1. Several new tests, including revised auto_handtalk.tst. 
ascii_undo_3_7.1. Don't crash after undoing a loaded file in ascii mode. 
arend_3_7.2b. Don't trust owl defense more than tactical reading. Revision of 
arend_3_7.2, better taking ko results into account. 
arend_3_7.3. Test fixes. 
matcher_check_3_7.1. Small addition to evan_3_7.1. 
evan_3_7.1. Analysis of existing sgf files in matcher_check. 
gunnar_3_7.3. Revision of break_chain2_moves(). 
vcrepair_3_7.1. Fixes the build on VC++. 
teun_3_7.1. One regression test revised. 
gunnar_3_7.2.gz. Free handicap placement. 
gunnar_3_7.1. New file handicap.c. 
auto_reg_tests.tar.gz. Tests that were produced using matcher_check.
arend_3_7.1. Bugfix in adjusted_worm_attack_value(). 

- better ko tracking searching for additional worm attacks and defenses 
  in find_more_attack_and_defense_moves() and make_worms()
- new option --output-flags <flags>
- output using sgf trees with -o option
- cleaning and minor bugfixes in play ascii
- sgf handling is disconnected from engine again
- moved sgfAddDebugInfo -> sgffile_debuginfo, outputsgf -> sgffile_output
- write "forced" as comment when this ascii mode command is used
- sgftree_readfile does not change root node to NULL
- new blunder_size(), atari_atari_blunder_size() compute the blunder size
- remove vital_string logic in atari_atari code
- remove allowed_blunder_size heuristic in review_move_reasons()
- instead use blunder size more exactly in new function find_best_move()
- bugfix in hashtable_partially_clear()
- bugfix in gameinfo_play_sgftree_rot()
- bugfix (reading uninitialized memory) in sniff_lunch()
- bugfix (EXPERIMENTAL_CONNECTIONS) in cut_connect_callback()
- bugfix (gameinfo_load_sgfheader) in play_ascii()
- man page revised
- new options --mirror and --mirror-limit
- new global variables play_mirror_go and mirror_stones_limit
- new static find_mirror_move(), test_symmetry_after_move() in genmove.c
- Apply "B" cutting pattern from shapes.db only if connection code confirms
- new function test_attack_either_move; gets invoked by patterns
  instead of directly adding the attack-either move reason
- new function mark_changed_dragon() in move_reasons.c
- only mark owl defended stones as safe if also sufficiently tactically safe
- matcher_check can analyze existing sgf files
- twogtp-a kills processes
- break_chain2_moves() revised
- placehand() renamed to place_fixed_handicap()
- new function place_free_handicap() in handicap.c with associated
- static find_free_handicap_pattern(), free_handicap_callback() in handicap.c
- new GTP command place_free_handicap
- new pattern database handicap.db
- new autohelper macros handicap_stones, total_handicap_stones for handicap.db
- mkpat.c revised to avoid compiler warnings for constraints using no labels
- new file engine/handicap.c
- placehand() moved from genmove.c to handicap.c
- bug fix in adjusted_worm_attack_value()
- FIXME added regarding several EITHER_MOVE reasons
- show_dragons() revised
- tuning
- influence tuning
- connection tuning
- owl tuning
- revised tests, many new tests, new game files
- added Evan Berggren Daniel to AUTHORS


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