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[gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.3.9

From: bump
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.3.9
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 19:28:03 -0700

GNU Go 3.3.9 is now available at:

A few patches that arrived too close to release have been put off until

The following patches are included:

nando_3_9.10. Two small changes in combination.c.
bump_3_9.3a. Tuning. 
nando_3_9.9. Experimental owl configure option. 
nando_3_9.8. Small simplification. 
evan_3_9.3 New test cases. See nngs3:1100 etc. 
ninestones_3_9.1a. Randomness scaling and 9 stone tuning. 
arend_3_9.9. A few more regression test and some corrections. 
trevor_3_9.2. Connection.c doesn't need stdlib. 
bump_3_9.2. Minor tuning. 
inge_3_9.3 Broken indentation repaired. 
gunnar_3_9.14 Persistent caches in own file. 
gunnar_3_9.13 More test cases. 
evan_3_9.4a One more owl test. 
evan_3_9.6 Move ordering speed optimization. 
pogonyshev_3_9.9 Liberty counting speed optimization. 
nando_3_9.6a draw_active_area() functions unified. 
bump_3_9.1. Owl test. 
pogonyshev_3_9.7 More test cases. 
pogonyshev_3_9.8 Free handicap in ascii interface. 
inge_3_9.1. Renamed defend_code->defense_code and other cleanup. 
teun_3_9.1. Mingw portability patch. 
nando_3_9.7 Owl tuning. 
nando_3_9.5 Symmetry correction. 
arend_3_9.8a. Don't spread any influence below INFLUENCE_CUTOFF. 
arend_3_9.7. Check for owl blunder when playing inside own eye space. 
unrolling_3_9.1a. Loop unrolling was buggy in influence.c.
pogonyshev_3_9.6. Improved move values in topological_eye(). 
gunnar_3_9.12 Influence bugfix. 
inge_3_9.2 Trace message bugfix and improved doc. 
gunnar_3_9.11 Reading revision. 
evan_3_9.5 Speed optimization in do_play_move(), inlining excluded. 
trevor_3_9.1. Fix in regress.plx. 
arend_3_9.5a. Revert bogus change in arend_3_9.5. 
pogonyshev_3_9.5. Remove dead code. 
gunnar_3_9.10 More sgf revisions. 
arend_3_9.5. set_depth_values() reorganized. 
pogonyshev_3_9.4. More new tests. 
gunnar_3_9.9 New test cases. 
arend_3_9.6. Two more tests; count connection nodes, not life nodes. 
pogonyshev_3_9.3 False and half eyes. 
matcher_check_3_9.2. Minor bugfix. 
matcher_check_3_9.1a. Fixed bugfix. 
evan_3_9.2 Scoring test. 
gunnar_3_9.8 blunder_size() code reorganized. 
arend_3_9.4. Infrastructure for dragon loops; use it in mark_changed_dragon(). 
Test results updated. CVS tag rel-3-3-9-pre-1. 
gunnar_3_9.7 Filllib revisions. 
gunnar_3_9.6 Code maintenance. 
arend_3_9.3. Resolve inconsistent owl results by calling owl_does_defend(). 
arend_3_9.2. Crash immediately on inconsistent do_genmove() result. 
gunnar_3_9.5.gz New eye value representation. 
gunnar_3_9.4 Sigterm signal handler removed. 
portela_3_9.3. Confirm that attack/defense return codes can be changed safely. 
pogonyshev_3_9.2. More owl tests. 
evan_3_9.1. Replacement pattern. 
sgf_3_9.3. Continued sgf cleanup. 
pogonyshev_3_9.1. One more test from Paul Pogonyshev.
arend_3_9.1. Start simplifying reading.c. 
portela_3_9.2 Consistent use of WIN and REVERSE_RESULT(). 
sgf_3_9.2. IL property in printsgf. 
gunnar_3_9.3 Sgf cleanup. 
gunnar_3_9.2 Surrounding moyo sizes. 
sgf_3_9.1. Sgf revisions.
gunnar_3_9.1 New test cases. 

- new configure option experimental-owl-ext
- code simplification in safe_move (use REVERSE_RESULT)
- new randomness_scaling field in struct move_data and new scale_randomness()
- moves matching Fj and Ft patterns get extra randomness
- fuseki pattern tuning for kakaris in high handicap games
- persistent cache code moved from reading.c and owl.c to new file persistent.c
- speed optimization in order_moves() in reading.c
- speed optimizations in fastlib(), count_common_libs(), find_common_libs()
- duplicate lines removed from safety_to_string()
- draw_active_area() functions in reading.c and owl.c unified
- new ascii command: freehandicap <num>.
- new function: ascii_free_handicap
- report_worm(): print all attack, defense, threat points/codes
- worm_data::defend_codes is now called defense_codes
- enhanced result_to_string() with new return codes.
- removed strategically_sound_defense()
- mingw build searches for mingwex
- pattern symmetry corrections in owl_defendpats.db and patterns2.db
- bugfix in topological_eye()
- don't spread any influence below INFLUENCE_CUTOFF
- mark_safe_stones() distinguishes between SAFE_STONE and OWL_SAVED_STONE
- detect_owl_blunder() calls owl_confirm_safety() if move may harm own eyes
- bugfix and speedups in accumulate_influence()
- bugfix in value_territory()
- comment play_connect_n()
- document play_connect_n() in the texinfo docs
- bugfix in play_connect_n (trace output)
- fix comment in find_double_threats()
- break_chain2_moves() revised  
- do_play_move() revised to improve performance
- corrects quoting of special characters in regress.plx
- sgffile_loadandprint() renamed to sgffile_printsgf() and revised
- use EOF rather than -1 the code to read sgf files in sgfnode.c
- major revision of code to write an sgf tree to file in sgfnode.c
- set_depth_values() reorganized
- new function find_half_and_false_eyes() in optics.c
- blunder_size() code reorganized
- new static detect_owl_blunder() and detect_tactical_blunder() in utils.c
- for walking across dragons new first_worm_in_dragon(), next_worm_in_dragon()
- new next_wormlist[]
- mark_changed_dragon() revised using dragon loop
- bugfix in fill_liberty()
- filllib_confirm_safety() revised
- make_dragon(): resolve inconsistent owl result by calling owl_does_defend()
- add assert on inconsistent do_genmove result() in genmove()
- life code completely disabled
- global variables life and life_eyesize removed
- options --life and --life-eyesize removed
- new eye value scheme; all code handling eye values revised
- new functions set_eyevalue(), min_eyes(), max_eyes(),
  add_eyevalues(), eye_move_urgency(), eyevalue_to_string()
- eyes.db revised for new eye value scheme and substantially extended
- configure test for alarm removed
- sigterm_handler() and volatile variable time_to_die removed
- functions special_rescue(), special_rescue2() converted to .._moves()
- break_chain2() removed; use new break_chain2_defense_moves() instead
- defend2() and defend3() simplified
- new reading codes GAIN/LOSS for later use in owl
- more consistent use of WIN and REVERSE_RESULT() macros
- new function sgffile_load_and_print()
- new call convention for sgftree* functions
- sgftreeCreateHeaderNode() revised
- sgffile_debuginfo() renamed to sgffile_add_debuginfo()
- new call convention for sgffile_output()
- --color option effective in scoring mode
- sgftree struct and functions consistently used in play_gmp(),
  play_solo(), load_and_analyze_sgf_file(), and load_and_score_sgf_file()
- new arrays close_worms[][], close_white_worms[][],
  close_black_worms[][], number_close_worms[],
  number_close_white_worms[], number_close_black_worms[]
- compute_surrounding_moyo_sizes() revised
- compute_surrounding_moyo_sizes() variant for experimental-connections option
- new function influence_get_moyo_data()
- tuning
- owl tuning
- new game records and regression tests


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