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[gnugo-devel] fixed_anchor attribute added to pattern database

From: Trevor Morris
Subject: [gnugo-devel] fixed_anchor attribute added to pattern database
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 09:30:10 -0500

 - Added -a parameter to mkpat
 - Use fixed_anchor to default anchor_in_goal in matchpat
 - Make check_pattern_light a bit lighter if anchor_in_goal

This has no effects unless the "-a" parameter is added to the
owl_attackpats.db  mkpat command line.

The performance delta, on the full regression set, is:
  with -a on owl_attackpats.db:  208 minutes
  with -m on owl_attackpats.db: 215 minutes.

This 3%+ performance increase seems real, since I ran the first
set while doing other stuff and the second ran over night.

I've not evaluated these failures, but plan to do that shortly.  Meanwhile
this can be added to CVS, since it causes no change by default.

Here's the unexpected results using -a (13 PASSED, 24 FAILED):

owl:118: PASSED: correct: 0  answer: 0
owl:125: FAILED: correct: 1 P15  answer: 0
owl:230: FAILED: correct: 0  answer: 1 G8
owl_rot:118: PASSED: correct: 0  answer: 0
ld_owl:152: FAILED: correct: critical (S17|Q18|T16) T17  answer: critical Q18 
ld_owl:173: FAILED: correct: critical (C18|D19|A16) C19  answer: critical A18 
trevora:480: FAILED: correct: E4  answer: B4
nngs1:50: FAILED: correct: O10  answer: M4
strategy:11: FAILED: correct: P15  answer: P17
neurogo:24: FAILED: correct: 1 (F16|E16|F14)  answer: 0
trevorb:670: PASSED: correct: L5  answer: L5
nicklas1:1206: FAILED: correct: C15  answer: P13
nicklas1:1208: FAILED: correct: E19  answer: P13
nicklas2:102: PASSED: correct: D4  answer: D4
nicklas5:1202: FAILED: correct: !L17  answer: L17
manyfaces:9: FAILED: correct: !P12  answer: P12
trevor:410: FAILED: correct: D5|E5  answer: C4
nngs:380: FAILED: correct: !H2|S1  answer: H2
nngs:950: FAILED: correct: F1  answer: B1
nngs:1520: FAILED: correct: F15|F14  answer: B15
trevorc:1470: FAILED: correct: L10  answer: L12
strategy3:105: PASSED: correct: J2  answer: J2
strategy3:136: PASSED: correct: E2  answer: E2
13x13:41: PASSED: correct: !C8  answer: H10
13x13:63: FAILED: correct: K4  answer: K2
13x13:65: FAILED: correct: H4  answer: L4
trevord:120: FAILED: correct: B9  answer: F7
nngs2:150: PASSED: correct: M3|L3  answer: M3
nngs3:130: PASSED: correct: C7|C9  answer: C7
nngs3:140: FAILED: correct: D9  answer: G2
nngs3:230: PASSED: correct: !L12  answer: B7
nngs3:240: FAILED: correct: G13|G12  answer: F13
nngs3:730: PASSED: correct: !E8  answer: C2
nngs3:740: FAILED: correct: !F2  answer: F2
century2002:200: FAILED: correct: F6  answer: G6
safety:3: PASSED: correct: H15|H16|G14|F13|C17  answer: H15
ninestones:150: PASSED: correct: C5|D5  answer: C5

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