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[gnugo-devel] trevor_3_12.6 (tuning)

From: Trevor Morris
Subject: [gnugo-devel] trevor_3_12.6 (tuning)
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 22:17:49 -0500
  (recent IP change:

- tuning
- owl tuning

A slightly different version of this patch had the following results, slightly
positive (9 FAIL, 15 PASS) (one FAIL was trevor:1100 a new problem).
arend:25 looks to need some other valid moves.  F7 is fine.  I did not
count owl node increases.

nngs1:52: FAILED: correct: L5  answer: L15
strategy:34: FAILED: correct: E17  answer: N15
strategy:40: FAILED: correct: E5|M11  answer: R6
trevor:1100: FAILED: correct: D15  answer: F14
nngs:490: FAILED: correct: J18  answer: G18
trevorc:1040: FAILED: correct: !A8  answer: A8
global:4: FAILED: correct: Q6  answer: F5
arend:25: FAILED: correct: C19  answer: G5
trevord:870: FAILED: correct: R6  answer: J15
nngs3:130: FAILED: correct: C7|C9  answer: G6
trevora:290: PASSED: correct: !C8  answer: B6
nngs:570: PASSED: correct: F2  answer: F2
trevorc:720: PASSED: correct: G5  answer: G5
strategy4:179: PASSED: correct: P3|O2|P2|O4|E2  answer: E2
owl1:268: PASSED: correct: 3 A1  answer: 3 A1
owl1:286: PASSED: correct: 1 B3  answer: 1 B3
nngs2:150: PASSED: correct: M3|L3  answer: L3
nngs2:440: PASSED: correct: B18|C18|E16|E18|F16|F17  answer: E16
nngs3:320: PASSED: correct: F4  answer: F4
nngs3:730: PASSED: correct: !E8  answer: C2
auto04:11: PASSED: correct: D17|F12|F13|G14|G18|H18  answer: 1 F13
auto_handtalk:7: PASSED: correct: ALIVE DEAD (O18|N18|O17|P17)  answer: ALIVE DE
ninestones:150: PASSED: correct: C5|D5  answer: C5
manyfaces1:90: PASSED: correct: !A10  answer: H16
manyfaces1:100: PASSED: correct: !B13  answer: E16

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