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[gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.3.12

From: bump
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.3.12
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 16:52:05 -0800

GNU Go 3.3.12 is now available at:

or in the GNU Go CVS. The CVS release tag is rel-3-3-12.

I used Evan's patch evan_3_12.16 even though (I explained elsewhere)
there are still warnings on Red Hat 7.3. I left in the explicit cast
(FILE *).

Patches in this release:

evan_3_12.16. Compiler warnings.
evan_3_12.13. Test cases and tuning. 
evan_3_12.12. A komoku joseki. 
nando_3_12.10. Some tests. 
nando_3_12.11. A small optimization. 
gunnar_3_12.8. Revision of patterns.db. 
gunnar_3_12.7. Revision of inessentiality. 
arend_3_12.5a. Backs out a small hunk of arend_3_12.5 as it went into the CVS. 
arend_3_12.5. Vital owl attack pattern may also be vital owl defense. 
arend_3_12.4b. Connections valuations reevaluated. 
arend_3_12.6. Additional defense moves in reading.c. 
surround_3_12.1. Surround revisions. 
pogonyshev_3_12.4. Owl tuning. 
nando_3_12.7. Connection move induces connections moves. 
oracle_3_12.2. Bugfixes in oracle.c 
evan_3_12.11. Oops! 
thi_3_12.2. Use cat instead of cp building gtp-commands.texi. 
oracle_3_12.1g. GNU Go forks and talks to itself.
nando_3_12.8. Owl macros replaced by functions. 
pogonyshev_3_12.3. Adding eyes in owl_determine_life() should be commutative. 
nando_3_12.9. Auto tests revised. 
gunnar_3_12.4. A bug somewhere. 
trevor_3_12.5. New tests. 
gunnar_3_12.3. Readconnect revised. 
gunnar_3_12.2. New test cases. 
evan_3_12.7a. Zap unnecessary compares in approxlib. 
search_3_12.1. Restrict attention to a portion of the board. 
evan_3_12.6. Bugfix. 
evan_3_12.10. Compiler warnings 
evan_3_12.8. Updates to the auto-generated tests. Used with modification. 
trevor_3_12.4. Owl tuning. 
trevor_3_12.3a. Reduces executable size through dfa restructuring. 
teun_3_11.2a. Supercedes teun_3_11.2. Better rotational independence. 
thi_3_12.1a and thi_3_12.1b. Autoharvesting of gtp documentation. 
nando_3_12.5. Bugfix to D509. 
nando_3_12.4. Owl tuning. 
pogonyshev_3_12.2. Bugfix.
arend_3_12.2. Two reading and two attack_either/defend_both tests. 
nando_3_12.6. Yet another "blunder". 
evan_3_12.5. Edge Josekis. 
evan_3_12.2. Komoku tuning. 
evan_3_12.4. 9 stone tuning. 
sniff_lunch_3_12.1b. Nando's revision of the sniff lunch patch. 
manyfaces_3_12.1. Many faces test. 
nando_3_12.2 and gunnar_3_12.1. The test is now in the cvs as tactics1:10. 
arend_3_12.2. Don't compile extract_fuseki and debugboard by default.
evan_3_12.3. Edge joseki patterns. 
nando_3_12.1a. Owl determines a better life. 
nando_3_12.1b. Owl tuning. 
trevor_3_12.2. Mkpat may require anchors. 
bugfix_3_12.1. Typo in persistent.c. 
arend_3_12.1a. Influence cleanup.
arend_3_12.1b. Influence cleanup. (Excerpt, here is the full patch.) 
arend_3_12.1c. Influence cleanup. 
arend_3_12.1d. Influence cleanup. 
trevor_3_11.1b. Merge with current cvs of trevor_3_11.1.
trevor_3_12.1. Bugfix in 
trevor_3_11.2a. Pre-rotated dfa. Revised patch. 
evan_3_12.1a and evan_3_12.1. Bugfix. 

See ChangeLog for a detailed list of changes.


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