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Re: [gnugo-devel] Lack of files in CVS \gnugo\patterns\

From: Paul Pogonyshev
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] Lack of files in CVS \gnugo\patterns\
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 22:35:44 +0200

nando wrote:
> Trevor wrote:
> > Could you please send more details about the problem that you see.
> > I'd like to either have a workaround or document the problem & required
> > service patch.
> Well, I looked more seriously into it and it appears to be a problem with
> lines ending. When checking out .dsp files, I'm getting lines ended with
> CR CR LF, which seems to cause problems in the VC++ IDE only when a
> specific build command is needed. In our case, only patterns.dsp is
> impacted. This is still a bug, but not what I thought at first, and
> probably not fixed in any MS VC++ service pack.
> I just took a look at the archives and realized that we're assuming that
> .dsp and .dsw files are binary and stored as such in CVS. While this is
> true for .dsw, it is not for .dsp ones, which should be stored in CVS as
> normal text files IMHO.

this problem is about cvs usage (not cvs itself). cvs always converts
line endings to the format of the system it is installed (or more correct,
built) on. so, line ends will be LF on unix-like systems and CR LF on M$
windows systems. Trevor has cvs from cygwin which is configured to assume
unix-like environment (which sounds rather strange to me, i remember
cygwin can be configured either way). Trevor has no such problems because
his cvs doesn't add extra CR. so, he has LF only in all *.[ch] and the
like files and CR LF in *.ds[pw] files (they are stored this way on the

i can see several possible solutions:

- the best one: switch to gnu/linux like i did ;)

- the next to the best: reconfigure the server to store *.ds[pw] files
  as plain text. Trevor and whoever else will have to reconfigure their
  cvs'es to assume M$ environment (with CR LF).

- another one: use cvs configured for unix environment as Trevor does.
  you'll have some problems about all files except for *.ds[pw] will
  have LF only line ends, which is not what M$ vc++ expects.

- an ungly one i used to use: use a stupid hackish program which
  converts CR CR LF to CR LF.


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