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Re: [gnugo-devel] paul_3_13.8 and paul_3_13.9

From: Paul Pogonyshev
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] paul_3_13.8 and paul_3_13.9
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 21:03:32 +0200

> > uhm, sorry, i should have waited for paul_3_13.8 to come into cvs.
> > from a quick review of the patches it seems to me that merging
> > them must be pretty simple:
> >
> >   paul_3_13.9 changes the calling convention of write_elements()
> >   paul_3_13.8 changes write_elements() itself.
> >
> > if you want to merge paul_3_13.8 yourself, remove the `name'
> > parameter from write_elements() and change each reference to
> > it with a reference to `prefix'.
> I did this resulting in the following patch. However, it crashes.
> My current thinking is that it is best to back out paul_3_13.9,
> merge paul_3_13.8 and arend_3_13.8, and ask Paul to resubmit
> paul_3_13.9. I won't do this until I hear from Paul and Arend.

i have no objections besides that paul_3_13.9 is rather large and
it will be not very convenient for me to redo it by hand. i believe
i know the reason why merged paul_3_13.8 crashed.

> [skipped]
> -       write_elements(output_FILE);
> +       write_elements(output_FILE);
> +
>         if (database_type == DB_DFA)
>           write_to_dfa(patno);

these lines are wrong. paul_3_13.9 _must_ move the call to
write_elements() below the call to write_to_dfa() (see original
patch) in order to work properly. this is because write_elements()
now also sorts some of them out (effectively, it only changes
the number of elements in pattern[patno] structure) and
write_to_dfa() needs them all.


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